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Earth 2’s Down the Rabbit whole – Knowing nothing

A new journey has started

In the space of Metaverses. Owning digital assets, replicating the earth we live (on as close as possible) into a hyper realistic new world and reinventing Games, Social media, E-commerce and Education is something many aims for. Is it possible ? Perhaps.

Nevertheless, Earth 2 have made sure to make a shot at it and Oh boy what endless possibilities it portrays if succeding ! Not to say the least for the investors with a hunger for risk, new ventures, business possibilities and profits. Will the appetite lead to capital destruction or gain for the early investors entering the innovative crowdfunding scheme might take years to answer!

We at E2 Economist will however cover this journey from the investors perspective!

At present it is a difficult task for anyone to stay up-to-date and potentially not missing out if any actions are required or rather investment decisions due to a near non-existen factual based clear communication from Earth 2.

To be realistic, we know nothing about this new world.

What is the end goal? A Game? Entertainment? An E-commerce platform? Social Media? Educational services? Or even, if all above, why not Internet 2.0 ?

The goal is not clearly defined, the road map is hidden in the dark for any stakeholders outside Earth 2, communications are kept at bare minimum not even elaborating on the releases of features that are being launched seemingly sporadicly.

it will probably not take on the task of revising the whole internet platform & structure into a new virtual internet platform removing todays Digital Catalogue style where we browse pages, in front of a screen asking the librarian Google where to find our (books) pages. But perhaps the metaverse technology by itself have planted a seed for another venture in the future to take on that challenge.

Criticism shall always exist though it is good to remind one self that Earth 2 merely is a very young startup trying to apply and execute their pioneer thoughts. It is not an easy task to both be visionaries, apply cutting edge technology and make longterm correct decisions and at the same time run traditional business operations, processes, legal requirements and customer service. Not to say the least, ensure the funding for the whole project.

It is an immense mission that they have brought upon themselves that potentially you, the reader, already might have joined. Knowing pioneer breakthroughs always includes a bumpy road it sells us hope that it could be a rocket into a new world.

or down the rabbit whole…

Nonetheless, we will be there with you, holding your hand!

/E2 Economist

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