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Is it a Game? an E-Commerce? Social Media? Internet 2.0?

This is the continue of the article “Earth2 down the rabbit whole – knowing nothing”

Earth2, a replica of our beloved planet. A planet where dreams come true and anything seems possible as long as you put your mind and back into it. We are endowed with the potential to evolve and augment our capabilities. Building more and more sophisticated tools in order to strengthen our weaknesses. And we are good at it!

As the world keeps spinning faster and faster we start to conquer challenges as they were a pebbles on the road.

Earth2, a metaverse, a new idea filled with hopes and promises, but what are these promises exactly ?

If the ambition is to fully replicate our beloved planet and the promises it delivers it is an omnious mission. To say the least. Calling it “playing god” qualifies. Playing is one thing but achieving another.

To be fair, we, us that started to venture on this journey, sure must have som clue as of what to expect? It cannot be all that omnious? Do we not ?

Well, before we look into Earth2 specifically let us zoom out and take a philosophical look of where we have been and where we are in terms of improving our standard of living, our quality of life. Half a century ago technology where not so digital. We played board games and did other analogue activities usually outdoors. The computer age where just starting. Trade and commerce consisted of physical brick and mortar stores. We had to travel to even browse the goods available. Trade were concieved by an exchange of physical assets, primarily money, hard cash. Social interactions happened mostly face-two-face if not via a busy landline phone. Letters sent via the postal office. At best via fax machines. Wireless, not a word known to society as of yet. Knowledge and Education were sourced from books, library or school as the main knowledge hotspots.

Things moved slowly. Any activity mentioned above took time!
Lots of time considering what we are about to mention next.

Internet. . . an invention that would come to revolutionize the world. The way of life as we know it. Though we did not yet know it was potent with that power. Digitalization. . . a word describing a transformative process making analogue physical processes redundant. Soon Games, Trade, Social Interactions (Communications) and Knowledge all started to occur Online. . . Connected. . . Network. . . which could not be seen without utilizing a technological device. A paralell world were emerging outside the physical world.

Everything we make eventually become the new normal no matter what it is or how it changes our way of living

Why did the human race agree on sacrificing time from the physical world to spend the majority of it in the digital ? Do we not like to interact face-two-face or feel products in our hands or use our bodies for physical play? Yes we do, we do very much like that.

Then why digitalizing it ? Efficiency! Convenience! We are programmed to not burn unnecessary energy in order for self preservation and survival. Traits inherited a long time ago. We could call it lazy as that is how it generally makes its expression. Or working smart not hard.

We could now gain access to entertainment anywhere, anytime jolting up our endorphine levels to maximum. Our internal reward system where jumping of joy. We could browse any products and make trades in seconds and communicate with multiple people all over the world simultaneously! But not least, all the human knowledge, anything you ever want to know, where now reachable in the palm of your hand. CONVENIENT! ! !

We celebrate our new tools that augment our capabilities and quality of life. With every tool comes potential to do bad and good. That is always so. Rarely do we have time to reflect about the real consequences. The consequences of development that changes the world. We are not really in the drivers seat. Our primeval driving force and organic, chemical brains are.

Internet may have been one of Homo Sapiens greatest achievement. Though if we really scrutinize what we have done it is nothing more than digitalizing physical concepts into a digital platform. Internet utilizes a platform coping or mimicking the books. It is made up of pages (websites) where we need to click and look, click and look like browsing a catalogue. We have the librarian “Google” that helps us index all the pages and books in the library and quickly tell us where to find what we are looking for. In essence we have made a digital library as the backbone that requires a screen to be accessed.

What if we do not need to sacrifice the old physical principals of interactions, physical activity for play and to feel the physical product before purchase ? What if we can have BOTH ? The Physical principals but also the convenience to save time, gain the massive availability? Could this be the promise of the true Metaverse?

Blockchain technology made it possible to own unique digital assets for the first time. AI help automating our digital processes and optimizing resources for greater output. A Quantum computer with a few Qubits is more powerful than any super computer made before. Cloud services constituting of giant data centers offering flexible and ready to go computing power and storage. VIRTUAL REALITY, say no more. Together can all these technological concepts continue to mimick the physical world.

We are building all the components necessary to move from the physical into the digital. Shall we take the step?

Back to Earth2. Is it Game, an E-commerce, Social Media & Communication, Education and Knowledge ? The metaverse concept sure is potent to have it all! Read our next article in this serie where we dive into that question, coming out Week.36.

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