Portfolio: E2 Economist Site Update!

Introducing: E2 Economist Portfolio

E2 Economist is now bringing forward our very own E2 Account filled with properties all over the world!

This is an article within the E2E Portfolio Series where we keep our readers updated about the E2E Portfolio. In the bottom of this article you will find earlier publication within this serie. The aim is to give the reader inspiration and knowledge; thus, our apetite for risk is high in order for us to try as many different strategies as possible to give you insight in.

The E2 Economist Earth2 Account will be our experimental portfolio where we try out various concepts and ideas made possible in Earth 2. You can then get first hand information by following our experiments, successes and failures without putting your own account to the test risking having made bad investment decisions in advance. Hopeing to bring you valuable insights!

View the Portfolio / Account here: E2 Economist Account

The portfolio Stats, as can be seen above:

506 Properties | 28 020 Tiles | 50/50 Class 1 and 2 | 81 Countries
Generating aprox: 50 Jewels | 530 E-ther | 400 Essence daily

Examples that we are and will cover that we have already experimented with the E2 Economist Portfolio:

Locations we have purchased:

  • Variety of mines ranging from gold, rare earth metals to coal, iron and much more
  • Variety of different biomes all over the world, dessert, tropicals, forrest etc
  • Real life megacity locations: Tokyo, Berlin, Manhattan, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and many more
  • Locations in many new megacities: Zigurat, Central (AlphaKingdom), X-topia, Heart City, Eye of Ra, Eye of Sahara, Omega City, TomorrowLand, Gibraltar (Dorkslayerland), SugarIsland (One tile nation), 80s City, Synth city and many many more
  • Beautiful resort locations and private island, Ibiza Island, Danger Island, Maundays Bay, Vulcanos and much more
  • Famous turist locations, Monaco, Vatican State, various buildings etc.


  • We tested the one tile property theory in order to generate more Jewels
  • We bought Mentars for 5 USD in all large properties in order to investigate the return of investment by this action
  • We will buy EPL names of various kinds

If there are experiments you would like us to include, please contact us and we will consider it!

We hope all our articles in this new series called: “Portfolio E2 Economist” will give you insights, ideas and interesting concepts!!

Source: Profile monitoring, courtesy of https://www.earth2stats.xyz/

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