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E2 Customer Satisfaction Survey (By Guidebook Gaming)

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Guidebook Gaming has conducted their own E2 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Guidebook Gaming is not an official partner hired or paid by Earth2 and the survey is not made by the request from Earth2. Hence, this is why we are publishing this in our Opinion series and not within our News Article section. Moreover, we want to give you (the reader) the option to continue the discussion of this survey in below comments field.

325 People participated in the Survey and E2Economist believe that the survey was profesionally conducted with high quality and good questions. Due to this it does give interesting & trustworthy insights and aswell a screenshot of the current state.

Guidebook Gaming is considering to continue these surveys on a quarterly basis and where they may be shorter in order to more regularly “take the pulse”. We encurage E2 Investors to take the short amount of time and participate when seeing any E2 Surveys

E2 Economist initial comments:

It is Important to remember that Earth2.io is NOT a released Game or Product yet. This platform is still in a Crowdfunding state. Very much similar to crowdfunding a product on e.g. Indiegogo.com where Ideas are not fully screened if legit or not but more importantly may fail and never be realized, released or delivered. 

These are generally small start-up companies with limited resources; thus, not mature in quality to score normally on a Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

Even though this was a very good executed survey with great intentions we believe this might not trigger any improvement actions by Earth2 due to the argument above, a too early state. However, in later phases of E2, especially in phase 3, this type of survey would be of great timing and benefit. 

4 KEY HIGHLIGHTS (2 Negatives & 2 Positives)

Lets start with the 2 Areas that scored the lowest – Not satisfactory according to the participants.

– Pay walls – Paid Features USD and not In-game Currencies. Historically, Now & Future.
(Property, EPLs, Jewels, Holobuildings, etc)

The critique about adding more and more pay-walls encuraging/forcing investors to spend more and more unexpected money onto the platform is something E2Economist fully understand but do not believe is fully justified. This is a part of the very unusal crowdfunding scheme Earth2 is pioneering. The product and services Earth2 is trying to develop is a very high capital intense venture. One could even say it may not be possible to fuel just by crowdfunding. Though Earth2 is doing it and seemlessly of to a pretty good start. No one has done this before, crowdfudning a metaverse to success.

Expectations by investors were perhaps misaligned “to invest once and stay passive”. This is a very different crowdfund and expectations should perhaps be adjusted.

– Promises, Releases & Communication

The bad critique is understandable and justified!
Normally in a crowdfund for regular products or services communication is generally very low or poor as it is not a priorized focus. The selling pitch, vision & Promises stated initially is generally the only communication an investor recieves before investing or not in a crowdfund. After investing it is always a waiting (hopeing) game. The crowdfund money is recieved and the company goes to work behind curtains.

However, Earth2 is not a regular crowdfunding scheme. It is a highly living crowdfunding with new features and development running continously. Thus the initial investor can not be passive after investing but has a continued responsibility to manage the investment a long the way. It is not a waiting game.

Due to this it becomes vital for the investor to obtain as good communication/information, prepare and plan (promises) when possible and understand the new releases when deployed. This has not been the case.

This is an area Earth2 should and has A LOT to improve on.

+ Support

Since Earth2 partnered with 5CA Support tickets have been handled in a much higher pace and with good quality and customer experience. Half of the particpants had been in contact with support and 77% said their issues had been resolved.

+ Confidence

Perhaps the most important question in the survey. 1 Year into this crowdfunding scheme positive confidence levels still outshine the negative! However, the “confidence changed over time” seem to indicate a loosing faith.

E2Economist believe that improving issues surrounding the communication area mentioned above would be the KEY action in order to increase this KEY Indicator.

Download the Full Survey Below

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