Sell-Jewel-Buy-1-Tile Strategy

This is an article within our E2 Strategy Series. All articles posted in this topic is to provide the reader an idea of potential statregies. All investment strategies taken is solely the responsbile of the investor him/herself. These articles may become obsolete over time since new factors and feature could have changed the “Game play” or “Asset play”.

Jewels market have never been more alive. Prices are climbing quickly from low 10 cents to levels above 25 cents for base jewels. But how profitable is it really to sell Jewels? Below we have composed a Profitability analysis including a small sensitivity analysis by using a MIN, MAX and AVG Scenario for Jewel Profit.

The case below can act as a reference / base line for any values. Let’s start with some assumptions.

Investment Assumption

Buying 1 Tile of land: 50 Cents
A 1 Tile Property generate 1 Jewel aproximately every 10 days.

Jewel Profit Scenario

MIN Profit: 5 Cents
MAX Profit: 20 Cents
AVG Profit: 10 Cents

Remember: Above is the profit you recieve. You will need to add on the specific Jewel’s fee in order to get the price to sell for. See our Jewels Page for all feed and much more (Click Here)
See also this weeks Market Performance for Jewels (Click here)

This is the performance for every 10 days

Above chart displays the profit/loss value per day for each 10 days passed and a new generated jewel is claimed/sold.

Payback until Breakeven for each scenario is:

Tiem it would take for new Jewels that have been produced to cover the investment for that 1 tile

Profits made in each scenario after 1 Year

1 Tile will produce at minimum 1.3 USD a year by selling generated jewels. Max would bring a 6.7 USD in revenue per year! This could of course be higher if jewels continue to climb in price. This would then be true for any property in your portfolio.

ROA: Scaling Up – Buying 100 Tiles for 50 USD (Yearly Return On Asset)

Investing 50 USD to buy 100 “1 Tile Properties” would multiply the results above by 100 times.
Min would generate 130 USD and thus yield a 260% return! 2.6x the money!
Max would genereate 670 USD and yield a 1 340% return! 13.4x the money!
AVG would generate 310 and yield 620 % return. 6.2x the money


In general it seems like 1 property of any tile size will be able to genereate a reurn (ROA) of at least 1.3 USD per year. (5 cent jewel profit aprox 36 jewels a year per property). A strategy buying sheap 1 tile properties could be a very good strategy.

Owning 1 tile also bring other benefits such as E-ther / essence yield (Potential to slot jewels to boost) and tile value increase (asset value) and much more.

This is merely a theoretical profitability calculation with 3 scenarios acting as a range of sensitivity. Prices and values may differ in real life and new features and unknown factors may impact profitability. Such as new features, new jewel types and more. All investment strategies taken is solely the responsbile of the investor him/herself.

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