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KEY TakeAways Shane Interview – EnterTheMetaverse

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Shane Isaac (CEO) represented Earth 2 in an interview today at conference.

Many are asking for the video but the video cannot be shared due to copyright!
Conference were for paying participants only. We can HIGHLY recommend buying tickets to next time they run a conference.

E2Economist was there to capture what we think were the Key Takeaways:

Here follows paraphrases of Shanes comments during the interview:

Earth 2 has always been planed to be decentralized based on Blockhain
E2 is and will be built to be an evolving platform with much flexibility

E2 will possibly be Augmented Reality first before VR
Devices step would/could be: PC / Console -> Hand device AR -> VR
(Shane comments: “VR is a bit way off”)

Jewels and essence were introduced this early to act as a reward for the early investors. Earth2 knew that they would not make much sense for the investors and lack functonality though it was meant as a BIG reward; however, backfired or created some friction with the community.

Shane sees 4 types of Players:

  • Players owning land
  • Players doing the Eco-sim (Will be Difficult to master and require time, trading, movings things around and be timebound)
  • PvP players – A game will be announced soon for this
  • User generated content makers

Shane was also hinting another big release coming up (or several)

E2 will Not be a niche thing – E2 is thinking BIG (mainstream) and entering in Partnerships leading towards that goal!
Info will be released any day regarding new partnership.
Mainly a partnership with focus in moving out from the centralized state into a decentralized state.
Right now E2 is focusing on making this transition as smooth as possible for the land owners.

He did not want to disclose the amount of users they have but it may be disclosed in the few coming months.
Nor dismiss or acknowledge the partnership with NVIDIA when asked by the audience.

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