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We at E2economist are currently having heavy focus on ESSENCE. Questions we will try to answer are: What are the algorithms and mechanics behind ESSENCE. What factors impact in order to yield more and how much ESSENCE will there be and all other types of related questions. We will continusly update our “knowledge Bank” once new info is discovered. You find it by (Clicking here)

Currently we have been running a 4 months long ESSENCE analysis over several other members accounts and in paralell we are running several extra accounts to investigate TIER 2 properties capabilities and Drained properties potential to “refill” the reserves with ESSENCE and a lot more. Articles will be posted as soon as we can confirm more conclusions. Work in progress, stay tuned.

Today we have 2 News relating to ESSENCE.

First, Shanes Isaac (CEO) answered a lot of interesting questions in the Earth 2 Official General chat. See below “best of” answers from Shane.

Secondly, below the conversation we have also got the response from Earth2 regarding the is the “stuck” / “Unclaimable” E-ther was a BUG or a possibility to yield more E-ther from Drained Properties. We posted this article about this topic: A way to Generate more ESSENCE!?

Shane Talks ESSENCE

Key Takeaways:

  • The ESSENCE yielded prior EDC is viewed as a reward and thus a part of gaining more than “minimum” EDC.
    However, there will most likely be more ways to gain more than minimum EDC (Being investigated)
  • TIER 1 Properties that are drained to 0 will still continue to produce ESSENCE – This is however something we believe Shane misspoke about as He mentioned there was an error with this which is not the case we have experienced. Seems to be a mix up regarding perhaps the Stuck Ether error -that now is fixed or alike.
  • The ESSENCE Whitepaper will be released in January / February where we will be able to read about the mechanics and principles of ESSENCE. Volume, degree of decentralization, distribution and more
  • ESSENCE is focused to launch on several large Crypto Exchanges – Potentially next year
  • There seem not to be and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) where investors can purchase “original” ESSENCE but rather the Investors gaining ESSENCE already are enjoying this special type of ICO.
  • Shane hints on that upgrading TIER 2 to TIER 1 can possibly be done with ESSENCE but also other in-game currencies. Stating that either investors can work/play the game to afford the Upgrade or buy ESSENCE on the open market. This is hinting that more ESSENCE or other currencies could be generated by “playing the game”.
  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) is on the table for E2 Future. Meaning Investors/Users/Players can have voting rights / decision power over certain topics in-game.

Stuck / Unclaimable E-ther

In regards to the “Stuck” E-ther we will hereby dismiss our earlier statement that the possibility that DRAINED properties can generate E-ther by boosting with Jewels. They cannot. Thus, for now, it seems like +2 E-ther boost jewels only benefit is to drain properties faster. But we will continue to monitor potentials regarding jewels and ESSENCE.

Earth2 provided the asnwer that this indeed was merely a bug.

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CJVE - The Mandalorian


CJVE - The Mandalorian

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