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ESSENCE – How it Works Behind Curtains Pt.1

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All our analysis and findings related to how Earth2 Assets work behind the curtains, when published in articles, are stored in our “Investor Library” section for each area respectively. This is to help the Investor to easier understand his/hers investment decision and impacts on the various assets.

There have been and still is much Confusion, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt relating to the E-ther & ESSENCE yield but we at E2economist is here to sort it all out!

We have now done thorough analysis since ESSENCE was launched August the 7th! Moreover, reverse engineering several calculations/formulas Earth2 is using for ESSENCE through Math and Statistics. This has also been done by the support from Mr M.M.


Q0: What is the calculation or rate to generate E-ther?

After extensive testing we found the relationship to be E-ther / Tiles. The more tiles the more E-ther will be generated daily.

Seen in the table below we took 11 different accounts and asked them: How many tiles do you have ? (seen on the Y axis) and How much E-ther do you yield per day (This was before +2 Jewel E-ther boost) (Seen on the X Axis)

Each dot on the graph represent an investors account, total tiles on the account and total E-ther per day and then the linear relationship is laid out with a perfect correlation/fit.

We found that the Base E-ther yield without boost is:
E-ther / Tile Ratio: 1 E-ther per 54 Tiles per day.

Hence, if an investor has 54 tiles on the account he/she will yield 1 E-ther per day. An investor can therefore take the total TIER 1 tiles and divide by 54 and the estimated Base yield is given.

However, to convert the E-ther to ESSENCE please see Q7 for the full Analysis of Transformation Ratio.

Q1: Why is my E-ther Yield reducing everyday?

Since the launch of EDC all properties currently seem to have a defined ESSENCE reserve called “Awaiting Claim” on each property. When the property yields ESSENCE the “Awaiting Claim” is REDUCED and the “Net Essence” is INCREASED. This is basically the way of saying: The property have now been DRAINED a little and unlocked to the Investor.

Once the “Awaiting Claim” on a property reaches 0 it has been completely DRAINED.

The +2 E-ther boost will have NO effect and cannot “overproduce” or “Force” more ESSENCE out of the Drained property.

As more and more properties are drained the lower E-ther and ESSENCE will the investor be yielding for each passing day until all Properties have reached 0 and thus yield nothing more.

Q2: What happened with my E-ther December 15th!? I had a lot and only got very little ESSENCE!?

When EDC launched many Investors had slotted +2 E-ther Jewels into 1-tile Properties as this was a great way to do “ESSENCE” farming PRIOR-EDC. However, the now 1-tile properties (or small properties in general) DRAINED very quickly to 0 by the +2 boost.

A visual glitch then appeared telling the investor each passing day that E-ther was still produced from the DRAINED property but the investor could NOT claim it into ESSENCE. This “Stuck” E-ther accumulated more and more by each day as long as the Investor continued to boost DRAINED properties but in fact the property did actually NOT produce E-ther and the visual E-ther was actually NOT there.

Earth2 removed this glitch and investors then believed they lost a lot of E-ther. Though it came from “overproduced” drained properties by jewel boosting which actually could not be done.

Hence investors actually lost nothing EXCEPT that they were lead to believe +2 E-ther jewels would give MORE ESSENCE. So far this is misleading and NOT the case.

+2 E-ther Boost ONLY drains properties FASTER. They do not currently enable MORE ESSENCE than stated on the properties or investors T1+ total value

Though E2 is a developing platform and this may be changed for the better again in the future.

E2Economist asked the support about this and Earth2 Support confirmed that this was the case as of now. Read the answer here: ESSENCE New Info!

Q3: Why is not DRAINED properties producing more with my jewels (+2 E-ther boost) Earth2 said it was “minimum”!?

Currently we do not know if DRAINED properties can “REFILL” with more ESSENCE or “OVERPRODUCE”. It is possible in the future that features, functions, events, gameplay or activities may enable investors to refill or gain more ESSENCE per property. This is can be hinted in the table below Earth2 released.

Looking at the GREEN boxes Earth2 is hinting that TIER 2 properties will generate ESSENCE somehow though unpredictable. E2economist is currently monitoring TIER2 properties VERY CLOSELY to see how and when they will produce ESSENCE. No data on this yet.

Though if TIER2 can yield ESSENCE without being in the EDC then it is possible that TIER1 properties also will continue to yield ESSENCE “without” the EDC. When or how this will happen we do not know.

Though we know that investors have gained MORE than the EDC by yielding ESSENCE before the EDC launch!
See Q6 below.

Q4: What calculation decided how much ESSENCE my property will have?

In short, the ESSENCE given to each property is quite simple. Earth2 basically took the PROPERTY VALUE (New Tile price * Tiles on property) and that became the ESSENCE value. A 1:1 relationship.

Example: A property is 100 tiles and the New Tile Price is 1 USD in that country.
This is the TIER1 New tile price before the TIER2 prices were introduced which happened December 3rd.

The property then is valued at 100 * 1 = 100 USD. The EDC ESSENCE given to this property is thus 100 ESSENCE.

HOWEVER, Investors were ALSO given the AIRDROP of 20% Instantly! Thus the Property started at 80 ESSENCE and not 100 and the 20 ESSENCE where given to the Investor directly.

An issue is that the property should say “20 Net Essence” and “80 Awaiting Claim” due to the Airdrop but Earth2 just showed “0 Net Essence” and “80 Awaiting Claim”. Earth 2 missed out showing the Airdrop on the properties.

Below follow a Data analysis showing this 1:1 relationship is TRUE.

Here it is shown 22 out of a 100 properties.

FIRSTLY, If we add up each property Net Essence, Awaiting Claim and Airdrop of 20% we get the TOTAL.

SECONDLY, If we then also calculate the property Total New Tile price by multiplying tiles and the New tile price we get the “Property value”. These are in a 1:1 relationship and show how Earth2 merely took the Property Value and distributed the ESSENCE to it.

Due to this relationship we can now also calculate the complete ESSENCE EDC distribution in the platform / Earth2. If we take TOTAL TILES SOLD in a country and multiply by the NEW TILE PRICE during december the 3rd we get each countrys total given EDC value (Green column). See part of it below.

By doing this we have then calculated that 206 MILLION ESSENCE where distributed via EDC and AIRDROP.
So why is the site stating 257 MILLION ?

Well the last 51 MILLION is the ESSENCE investors managed to yield PRIOR to EDC ! This is a REWARD!
Also see Q6.

Q5: Can I buy Cheap TIER 2 Poperties and upgrade to TIER 1 to get ESSENCE? (EDC)

In short, NO. It is clearly stated that TIER 2 tiles even when upgraded will NOT benefit EDC reserves.

However, see Question 3.

Q6: Where is the Reward Shane spoke about?

In Short, a part (if not all) the “bonus” / “reward” for early Landowners was the period PRIO-EDC.

All ESSENCE yielded before EDC did NOT Drain the properties. Investors logging in everyday and claimed their ESSENCE and Investors boosting +2 E-ther as much as possible before EDC yielded the EXTRA ESSENCE.

Once EDC was launched the properties started to DRAIN.

Q7: My E-ther to ESSENCE conversion is changing!? What is happening?

In short, we have extracted, followed and studied Data for several accounts collecting over a 1000 rows of E-ther Data collection. The Ratio have been the same since start and that is:

E-ther / Essence Ratio: 68% on Average.
This is 100% Random. The accounts are vastly different and all having the same outcome. We have tried to yield essence at different times on the day, different class, different amount of properties and tiles and many various factors. NONE impact the transformation ratio. It is still random for everyone.

Min Transformation Ratio: 34%
Max Transformation Ratio: 100%

Here follows a few graphs from the Analysis

All users conversions show minimum of 34% is lowest

Each individual users conversions show only randomness

Q8: I have seen My TOTAL ESSENCE = T1+ and BALANCE change and not stay the same?!

Well, this phenomena is due to the EDC calculation during December 3rd. When Earth2 took all the current new tile prices and multiplied by all properties total tiles in order to give the EDC some countries had incorrect NEW TILE PRICES at that specific moment thus EDC miscalculated for some and this is being adjusted in hindsight by EARTH2. Thus the investors T1+ and Balance might total up differently as EDC is slightly adjusted for some countries. Moldovia is one country we have a clear case of that was adjusted from 0.79 USD to 0.82 USD = 3 cent increase. With a property of 100 tiles it give a change of 100 * 0.03 = 3 more ESSENCE that should be given to the property.

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