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ESSENCE – How it Works Behind Curtains Pt.2

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All our analysis and findings related to “how Earth2 Assets work behind the curtains”, when published in articles, are stored in our “Investor Library” section for each area respectively. This is to help the Investor to easier find the info, support an easier understanding of his/hers investment decision and impacts on the various assets.

In our last article ESSENCE – How it Works Behind Curtains Pt.1 we answered several questions related to E-ther and ESSENCE generation. However, some questions could not be answered at the time since we needed to logg more data and conduct deeper analsysis.

Make sure to check our “INVESTORS LIBRARY” in our ESSENCE section (CLICK HERE)

Today we will continue to answer more questions!

When we publish our findings we do it with quite certainty that the data shall be as accurate as possible. However, we want to point out that sometimes new data may reveal new findings OR Earth2 may change their “internal Clockwork” and render old data obsolete or sometimes there are ongoing bugs and Earth2 are misleading us due to executed adjustments.

Moreover, in this article only the most important data is shown and not our complete data sets.

Though, here follows some new insights that we are comfortable of making public!!

Q0. Why is my E-ther/ESSENCE conversion ratio so low?!

This is a new happening since December 20th. We have noted that 2 scenarios are reducing the accounts average conversion ratio. Read below Q1 about Depleted Properties and TIER2. If an investor has Depleted Properties and/or TIER2 properties in the portfolio mix among the active TIER1 EDC properties then the average conversion ratio will be lower due to that mix, more details below about Depleted TIER1 and TIER2.

However, TIER1 properties on EDC yield (and prior-EDC) have always had a ratio of 34% – 100% (Avg 68%) for all E-ther conversions occuring on a TIER1 property and still do!

Nothing has really changed!! The +2 Ether Boost is still active even on depleted properties and the TIER 1 EDC yield is still averaging of 68%. What is bringing down the accounts average is MAINLY +2 Jewels on Depleted EDC T1 properties.

Example:  E2economist account is running 500 +2 E-ther Jewels on 500 "One-tile" DEPLETED (No EDC left) properties. This gives a 1000 E-ther per day. The conversion rate for a depleted T1 Property is only 2% ! 

The remaining properties have NO boost and is giving a Base Yield of 500 E-ther (27 000 tiles). 
These are running on EDC and yields the average normal conversion of 68%. 
The Total of the account conversion is then only aprox 24%!!

How ?    Calculated the weighted average conversion ratio:
1000 E-ther * 2% =  Weight score of 20
500 E-ther * 68% =  Weight Score of 340
Sum these scores up = 360 and divide by total E-ther 360 / 1500 = 24% !!

Hence, the investors account IS still running 68% average (34% - 100% Ratio) on the EDC properties. Though as they are depleted and continue to run on +2 E-ther boost then the E-ther value will be kept up but the conversion drops. All normal and nothing to be alarmed about. It means that the property have switched over to "over" produce mode.

This means that the investor is gaining more then "Minimum" / EDC !!!  Read more in Q1 and below!

Please see two accounts below showing E-ther yield per day and Ratio per day. We can clearly see 11th november when Jewel boost was launched due to the higher E-ther yield. We can also see the last week data where both E-ther and Ratio is acting more “fixed” than volatile.

Contributing Member Account 1
Contributing Member Account 2

Earth2 seem to have had issues with the +2 E-ther boost on depleted properties and they sorted this out the 20th December and implemented the 2% conversion rate for this scenario.

TIER 2 properties will also bring down the total conversion rate of the account as they do yield E-ther and ESSENCE. But currently only with a very low Base Yield that is barely impacting. Since +2 E-ther cannot be slot:ed into TIER2 it is not making the same E-ther yield vs low conversion effect on the account. More below.

Q1. Can we genearate MORE then the EDC Minimum? If so: HOW?!


Since December 3rd when EDC was introduced to the TIER1 properties and the TIER2 land sale launched we seem to have experience a lot of bugs when it comes to ESSENCE!!! These may now have been sorted out!

As many investors may have noticed is that the T1 + Balance is not staying equal but may be increasing (if ESSENCE is not burnt by the investor).
An example from our E2Economist Portfolio it looks like this:

Here we noted that during about 10 days time the E2Economist TOTAL of Possible ESSENCE have increased by 139 more ESSENCE!

We know Earth2 is adjusting some properties EDC due to having the incorrect property value when EDC was given. Though, the change in TOTAL of 139 is not from only Adjustments! That is only a very small part!

We have now identified that TIER2 Tiles are yielding BOTH E-ther and ESSENCE!

We can also confirm that we are seeing stable yield from +2 E-Ther Boost from Jewels on DEPLETED EDC properties! (as already mentioned above)

Q2. What is the TIER2 E-ther and ESSENCE Performance ?!

TIER2 properties currently do not display any “Net ESSENCE” or “Awaiting Claim” on the property. Though we have logged data from 1 “live” Account with purely 900 TIER2 Tiles and 2 “Test” Account with purely 100 000 TIER2 tiles each, that is in total 200 000 tiles!

All 3 accounts are showing the same yield performance.

E-ther yield is still connected with a strong relationship to number of total TILES.
TIER 1 properties have a 54:1 (TILE : ETHER) Ratio. For 54 Tiles 1 E-ther per day is yielded.
For TIER2 properties we now see a ratio of:

200:1 E-ther !!
4 times more Tiles to yield 1 E-Ther V.s. Tier 1 EDC!

Earth2 mention that TIER2 E-ther Yield is “Unpredicatable” and we believe that this 200:1 ratio is rather a range and our data seem to show it can vary from day to day between 170 – 220 tiles per E-ther with the average of 200 tiles ratio per E-ther.

However, when a T1 is depleted it changes the E-ther yield from 1:54 to the same as a T2 1:200!

Hence a T1 Depleted and a T2 both perform a 1:200 E-ther/Tile Ratio.

Q3. What about the E-ther/ESSENCE conversion ratio for TIER2 ?

For TIER1 EDC land we have E-ther/Essence Ratio between 34% to 100% with the average of 68%.
Our early analysis for TIER2 properties it seems like it is ranging MUCH LOWER!

The range identified currently is:

2% – 10% E-ther / ESSENCE Ratio !

This would mean that comparing the performance of a 400 Tile property for TIER2 VS TIER1 EDC it would be:
T1 – 400 Tiles / 54 Ratio = 8 E-ther with Average 68% Conversion = 5,4 ESSENCE
T2 – 400 Tiles / 200 Ratio = 2 E-ther with Average of 6.5% Conversion = 0,13 ESSENCE

Or in other words:
To gain 1 ESSENCE per Day in average from T1 EDC it would require 80 Tiles and for T2 require 4 000 Tiles!!

The T1 vs T2 Performance would then be:


(we are still analysing Depleted EDC T1 land vs T2)

However! This is versus T1 EDC properties. When comparing PURE T1 Depleted Non-boost we see the opposite where a T2 property win over a T1.

T1 depleted non-boost vs T2 both yield 1:200 e-ther/ESSENCE

Conversion is:
1.25% T1 Vs 6.5% T2!

T2 wins over T1 in Base yield performance!
About 5 times stronger!

Q4. What about +2 E-ther Boost on TIER 1 Depleted Properties “0 Waiting Claim” ?!

We can confirm that we are now seeing “OVER” PRODUCTION via +2 E-ther Boost !!!
We have monitored 500 properties all ONE-TILE TIER 1 !! All slotted with +2 E-ther boost and all Depleted!

The E-ther Yield looks to be completely normal again.
1 “one-tile” property will yield 2 E-ther per day as the jewel proclaims.

When we started to logg the 500 ONE-TILE properties they ALL started with 0 Net Essence and 1 Awaiting Claim
This made sense since tiles in British India Territory was valued 0,72 USD = 1 ESSENCE each in EDC.

However, as days were passing by we noticed that the NET ESSENCE is NOT STOPPING at 1 Net Essence and 0 Waiting Claim but yielding MORE! We are now seeing 2 NET ESSENCE and even 3 NET ESSENCE !! See picture and a part of our logg/table below.

Here is a part of our 500 properties being monitored on a daily basis. The value is amount of NET ESSENCE on the property each day. Each single property displayed per row and we can see how they continously over produce ESSENCE. Several are reaching 3 ESSENCE and soon more.

Our Analysis is indicating that these 500 Properties with Boost is giving 1000 E-ther per day like they did BEFORE the EDC period! It seems like it is back to “Normal” PRE-EDC Times.

Moreover, we also see that almost all 99% of the “Over” production mentioned in table in Q1 are accounted for when we logg these depleted T1 tiles over production.

Hence, ALL “Over” production currently comes from Depleted T1 Properties (after EDC) and T2 Tiles (Though TIER2 is generating a very small amount barely noticable).

We have NOT seen that T1 tiles can “Over” produce while being on EDC mode. It have not occured in our analysis.

Q5: Is the E-ther / ESSENCE Ratio the same for +2 ETHER Boost Jewels like T1 Tiles Ratio ?

The T1 EDC Tiles have the ratio range of average 68% when on EDC “mode”.
For +2 E-ther Boost Jewels that have entered the “OVER PRODUCTION” (depleted EDC) mode the ratio is dropping heavily but may be fixed or in a very narrow %-range.

We are seeing that the 1000 E-ther yielded from the 500 Depleted Boosted Properties is yielding 15 ESSENCE per day in average.

This gives us an aproximate:

or rounded to 2%

More analysis will be conducted as we collect more data over time.

Q5. Why have my E-ther/Essence Ratio been decreasing on my account since EDC ?

Firstly, we believe that investors are either having Boosted Jewels on depleted properties which lowers those conversions down to 1.5% from the earlier T1 range 34% – 100% (avg 68%) but yielding the same E-ther still! This mix will lower the accounts conversion ratio more and more over time as properties are depleting. (See Q0 above with example)

Secondly, Investors buying TIER 2 land will see a lower E-ther yield as they require aproximate 200 tiles per E-ther but these TIER 2 properties also have a lower conversion ratio of 2-10% (average 6.5%) versus T1 tiles. This mix in portfolio will also lower the average conversion ratio on the account.

Hence, as Investors are mixing in depleted boosted properties and TIER 2 properties it will affect the total conversion average of the account. (Boosted Depleted T1 Properties is the main driver of this effect)

Q6. What about the performance of “non-boosted” Depleted (No EDC left) TIER1 Properties?

T1 properties on EDC mode is giving a 54:1 Tile Ether yield with the 68% average conversion with or without Jewel boost. (Boost only “drain” the EDC faster when applied on EDC poperties – no change in conversion performance).

Though, once a T1 is depleted of EDC and going without the Jewel boost the E-ther yield drops from 1:54 to 1:200 and gains the same performance in E-ther as a T2! However, the conversion also drops fown to an average of 1.25% which is worse than a T2 that has 6.5%!

Comments from Earth2

Except for analyzing the ESSENCE mechanics in quantitative ways via data, math and statistics we also try to gain input via qualitative options as well. Thus, we have reached out to Earth2 support for a comment on all this and here is the response.

In Conclusion – What does it all mean?!

For starters. Investors owning large properties in the US, SOUTH KOREA and ITALY may very well take years to deplete from EDC if maximum +2 E-ther boosted will be the fastest option only. Below are all 10 000 ESSENCE plots in EDC after Airdrop that will take aproximately a year to deplete. Higher tiles in each mentioned country below will thus take longer than 1 year to deplete.

10 000 EDC Properties that will take about 1 Year to deplete:

  • 200 Plots in the US
  • 350 plots in SOUTH KOREA
  • 750 plots in ITALY

For these “juicy” properties they will yield high EDC ESSENCE until depleted.

For all other properties they will deplete much quicker than a year if boosted.
This is good “juice” too but once a property is depleted (0 Awaiting Claim) they are not so “juicy” anymore.

This seems to be the ESSENCE token Release Schedule scheme Earth2 is executing!

Secondly, if conversion rate is dropping it only means that your properties are being depleted of EDC and is running on +2 E-ther boost thus switching over to “over” production mode with a 2% conversion ratio (The investor is increasing the “minimum” of gauranteed EDC ESSENCE. All T1 EDC Properties on the account will continue to convert at 34% – 100% Avg. 68% on the investors account, no alarms!


750 plot with 12 boost jewels will continue to produce 24 E-ther Boost + 14 E-ther Base yield = 38 E-ther but only at a 2% conversion rate! Thus this depleted 750 plot will bring 38 * 365 days (1 year)  13 870 E-ther * 2% = 277 ESSENCE in "Over" production. 

If instead going for 750 "ONE-TILE" plots (singles) they can slot 750 boost jewels and in total yield: 1500 E-ther + 14 Base yield = 1 514 E-ther daily. In 1 year = 1514 * 365 = 552 610 E-ther * 2% = about 11 000 ESSENCE.

If going for TIER 2 (cannot be boosted) a 750 yields almost 4 E-ther per day with a conversion of average 5%. In 1 year = 4 * 365 = 1 460 * 6.5% = 95 ESSENCE

Hence, the single tile T1 properties seem to still have the "Farming" advantage though not as "juicy" as they were PRIOR-EDC (3rd December) as they then enjoyed 68% average "unlimited" which now EDC is limiting. 

This may seem to be the rules of the game now but we all know that they might change at anytime! 
All strategies will have high risks due to the large "unknown" factor of "changes". 

We at E2economist feel that the benefit of Plots size vs ESSENCE opportunity is quite UNBALANCED to favour the small single tiles. This might be rebalanced and changed by Earth2 later at any time, new jewels may come into play that favours large properties, changed algorithms may rebalance, it may prove that being able to slot many jewels may be much more beneficial than only 1 as single tiles do, resources may favour large plots a lot more than small etc etc!!  

What if +2 E-ther Jewels also give a +2% Conversion ratio and if 12 of these Jewels is slotted in the same property it would not only give 24 E-ther but also 24% in conversion ratio for those and not only 2% ! 
In other words, we do not know and anything can happen!

Thus proceed with ANY purchasing strategy with CAUTION!!

We are now updating our “Investors Library” in the ESSENCE section with our new insights. Below image is an example of recent insights.

Credit to all 14 Contributors for this Analysis!!!

This Analysis have been quite massive ! 14 people contributed with their data from several accounts, brainpower and lots more in order for this analysis to come together as good as possible for the community!!!


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Seriously impressive analysis guys, well done

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pito 2022-01-24 at 22:06

Very good and very serious analyse.
When the new analyse after the last new release of earth2?

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There will be a new article this week! =)

Antonio 2022-01-24 at 19:40

Very good
I think that can be useful another study after new release because I think that 1 E-ther each 54 tiles for Tiers 1 is true before but no more now.

Your work Is very very serious

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Thank you! Yes we are analyzing all the changes after the update. A new article will be out this week! 🙂


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