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Full Analysis – ESSENCE Performance With the NEW JEWEL BOOST

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All our analysis and findings related to how Earth2 Assets work behind the curtains, when published in articles, are stored in our “Investors Library” section for each area respectively. This is to help the Investor to easier understand his/hers investment decision and impacts on the various assets.


A lot has been happening with the mechanics behind the curtains of the Earth2 platform! Jewel, Ether and ESSENCE yield have been affected and we are analyzing it all! This will be a quite info dense article but we decided to do it all-in-one in order to give a total perspective of the changes. Conclusions will be found in the very end but we urge the Earth2 Investor to read through the whole article in order to have reviewed the details.

In fact, so much have happened that we at E2Economist have not fully grasped the full implications and most likely will have to follow up with an additional “Thoughts and Ideas of good practice” piece.

First off, we have to dismiss a statement in our article:
The Jewel Update: Aftermath & the REPERCUSSIONS

In this article we stated that:

A rebalance, where large properties are now more favoured than small ones.
However, not by strengthening LARGE properties with new benefits but rather by weakening the SMALL ones.”

From the article: The Jewel Update: Aftermath & the REPERCUSSIONS

In fact, our initial analysis seem to show the total opposite!
Small Properties have become stronger AND ALSO Larger properties (All T1 Properties)!
A rebalance has also occured where Larger is stronger versus the smaller (Single Tiles) in regards to ESSENCE YIELD.
All in all it may actually be a WIN WIN for all and a new FAIRNESS in the model!

In this article we will show our initial findings about:

  • Jewel Yield
  • E-ther Yield
  • E-ther/ESSENCE Conversion Ratios
  • Jewel Combo Boost Principals/Effects.

Ether, Conversion Rates and ESSENCE Yield Update

TIER1 with EDC have always stayed true to the average conversion of 68% and a range of 34% – 100% on a daily basis.

However, Earth2 have modified the amount of E-ther released from EDC T1, impacting the ESSENCE Yield, not only once but at least twice! In the Early days “PRE-EDC” we had a 1 E-ther : 54 Tiles Ratio. Once EDC was launched the E-ther ratio was altered to 1 E-ther : 195 Tiles. This ratio was exactly the same as T2 that were released at the same time as EDC. (The lower the number the better, less tiles to gain E-ther)

Hence, for a while T1 EDC and T2 shared the same E-ther performance of 1 E-ther : 195 Tiles. This was true up until the latest Jewel release, Jan 19, where Earth2 have now improved the E-ther ratio for T1 EDC to be 1 E-ther per 150 Tiles. TIER2 Land have kept the 1:195 performance and thus E2 Improved E-ther Base yield for TIER1 EDC Land by 25% verus TIER2 Land. (Below is an extract of data to visualize the case)

Why is EDC interesting as it is guaranteed anyways?
Well, the benefit to deplete EDC as quick as possible is to set the property in “overproduction” mode. The faster the property have released the juicy EDC the faster it will start to also produce the “extra” ESSENCE. However! It should be noted that the EDC, by itself, shall be seen as a part of “extra” ESSENCE though just a “juicer” extra!

Nevertheless, TIER1 NO EDC Just got A LOT BETTER!
E-ther Ratio have also improved for TIER1 NO EDC and is the same as above (TIER EDC) 1:150. A 25% improvement from 1:195. Thus ALL T1 land is equally good in evaporating E-ther and now better than T2’s 1:195.

However, Earth2 have also:

increased the conversion ratio for T1 NO EDC Land from 1% Average (Range 0-2%) to 20% Average (Range: 15-25%).

(Below is an extract of data to visualize the case)
More about this in the conclusions!

TIER2 Land have not been modified since the update (Jan 19) and keeps the performance of E-ther/Tile Ratio of 1:195 and a Conversion Ratio of 6% (Range: 3-10%)

These E-ther & Conversion rate changes along with the removal of +2 E-ther boost have significantly rebalanced the landscape!

Both Between T1 Large vs Small Properties where large now have gotten significantly improvements due to the 20% conversion ratio but also between T1 versus T2 land due to the E-ther/Tile ratio improvement by 25% but also, again, due to the 20% Conversion ratio that now surpass the T2’s 6%!

It has to be remembered that The Single Tile ESSENCE farming is a concept where many Singles will beat Larger properties in Cost / benefit. This is not possible anymore for ESSENCE. Thus ESSENCE Farming is dead for Single tiles. However, Single Tiles will produce more ESSENCE than before anyhow though NOT beating the larger ones. It is a WIN WIN even though the ESSENCE Farming Concept is over.

Jewel Yield Update

For TIER1 Land the Jewel yield has not been altered and stays true to our article: Jewels – How it Works Behind Curtains!
The JEWEL FARMING is still a “THING” and fully possible: 33 Single tiles are still yielding the same amount of jewels as ONE 750 Property

However, TIER2 land have started to yield Jewels and we have made an initial analysis of this.

On our 100 000 TILE test account only consisting of TIER2 properties we are yielding an average of 10 jewels/day!

The volatility is between 6-12 so far after 10 days. Though the ratio seems to be 1 Jewel/day in every 10 000 Tiles T2 ! Very low and should probably be considered more of an unexpected suprise when a T2 tile account yields a jewel.

However, this test account holds only 750 tile properties and we expect that T2 Jewel Yield will have the same concept as T1s. Meaning that small T2 Properties have a better ratio per tile. This would mean that Jewel farming is possible for T2s as well but not as strong as T1. Though we will analyse this further and publish these findings in a coming article!

Jewels Diminish, Neutral and Possible Compound Effects!?


In our latest article covering the Jewel update release: Full Summary – Jewel T3 Release it included the diminishing effects that occur when an investor is slotting several of the same color (What we call: MONOCOLOR Combo).

However, now we have also derived the formula for the diminishing effect.

EFFECT = Jewel BOOST% * 0,85^(“#Jewels”-1).

1 Jewel slot:ed with 3% E-ther Boost =  3% * 0,85^(1-1) = 3% No diminished effect. 
However, if we now add another it becomes:  3% * 0,85^(2-1) = 2,55% EFFECT (Per jewel)
The effects are then added up. 2 jewels booth having 3% Boost = 2,55 + 2,55 = 5,1 % and NOT 6%! 

If an Investor HAVE to slot the same color jewels (MonoColor Combo) how many should the investor slot to get the best “bang for the buck”?

Let’s start by showing a 12 slot combo of the same color. A T3 Crafted Jewel, e.g. AMBER. If slotting this Jewel into all slots then each jewel SHOULD give 3% per Jewel now ONLY boost 0.5% !! Each jewel have lost -2.5% in boost by the diminishing power! The result of putting 12 jewels in combo is merely a 6% increase in boost (106%)!!


So, how much should we slot then?! What is the optimal number of Jewel if the same kind?!

Below is a table that calculated the total boost effect “Achieved Effect” by each number of total Jewel Slotted. In the bottom we can see that 1 Jewel Slotted will give the 3% in effect. We can also look at the top and see the 12 combo effect of 6% we just mentioned above.

But now we can also see each total effect for each combo amount of jewels!

Here we can clearly see that the HIGHEST percent is given at 6 Jewels slotted!
However, the increase from 4 to 6 and 5 to 6 is not that much!

The best choise is probably to slot:


This outcome is quite interesting, especially in the light of the new update which now added a MINIMUM of 5 slots to all T1 PROPERTIES!! Meaning that all T1 holders can achieve the “MAXIMUM” or VERY HIGH BOOST from JEWELS!

It also tells us that T2 can achieve a VERY GOOD BOOST aswell but not the best!

Thus this change by adding more slots and the diminshing effect have further stregthened T1 Land Versus T2!

The Question that remains is what to do with the slots that are left over? Why did Earth2 create this kind of mechanism? Should we slot something else in a 4-5 combo; hence, a double 4-5 combo for MAX RESOURCE BOOST and top of with a BRILLIANT in the last slot perhaps? We don’t know exactly but we are sure we will find out once resources are released as this will most likely make more sense!


However, investors quickly noticed that it is possible to slot (what we call: MULTICOLOR COMBO) combos and NOT get the penalty of the Diminishing effect. Infact the jewels will then stay neutral and will not interfere with each other. By doing this the investor can reach a maximum of 36% E-ther boost effect with T3 Crafts 3%!!

Resource boost can be done in the same way though the investor will not be able to find only T3 Crafts giving the same Resouce boost but have to mix with T2 Crafts, T3 Crafts and T3 Primes.
This will enable the investor to reach very High Resource boost without penalty!


Now to a very special case which is a VERY HARD and DIFFICULT method to achieve. THE BRILLIANT EFFECT! Is there one? Maybe, we have not been able to try it.
However, Earth2 Stated that investors can achieve a 60% boost!

The question is HOW ? Above we see a 36% increase by a MultiColor Combination.

BRILLIANT Jewels have a 4% E-ther BOOST and they DO NOT INTERFERE even on MONOCOLOR COMBO. An Investor could, in theory, combine 12 T3 brilliant Jewels of the same kind and achieve a maximum Resource and E-ther boost, without penalty!

BUT! 12 x 4% = 48% ?! It is not 60%?!! We see two ways this can play out!
1. BRILLIANT JEWELS do NOT DIMINISH nor stay NEUTRAL but actually COMPOUNDS! (Increase each other effect!)
2. Earth2 is reffering to the unlocked slots. If unlocking all slots there is a total of 15 slots. 15 x 4% = 60%

Below we display how the both scenarious would play out.

We have not been able to slot several BRILLIANTS of the same color (MonoColor Combo) to check if they show a COMPUNDING EFFECT. This would probably be shown by UP ARROWS!

Is it with 12 slots and COMPOUND effect or 15 slots and NEUTRAL add-on effect we reach 60%!?

If anyone have 3 or more BRILLIANTS of the same color and could try this and reach out to use we would be happy to inform everyone if this is possible or not !


Quite a lot to take in. This is also our first initial findings and we want to progress deeper to further recheck other mechanics. Though the more important question maybe what all of this actually means?

This is a quite difficult question and as stated in the beginnning we have not fully assessed the impacts of these changes.
However, we will try to give a few interesting examples in order to clarify the impacts and give some food for thought.

First off, we will make more ESSENCE NOW ?

Short Answer seem to be: YES!

Below is a table showing NON EDC scenarios where the PRE-Update case is on the left and the POST-Update case (which is now) diplayed on the right. It is easy to be blinded by the E-ther value. We have been frustrated over loosing the +2 E-ther Boost being replaced by x%. Though, this is a bit of a “Smoke-and-Mirrors” effect (backfiring) as we should be focused on the ESSENCE Yield. In the table we can see the outcome of the ESSENCE Yield for 3 various sized properties (750, 300 and Single tiles). Comparing the green ESSENCE values quickly tells us the story that we are off much better since the update!

YES.. as mentioned earlier the SINGLE Tile ESSENCE Farming days are gone. Red arrows in bottom displaying the old and the new effects. This is the part of the Rebalance (Power Shift) between T1 Larges vs Small properties.

Other than that is looks like, overall, all other properties have improved their ESSENCE yield. Quite substantially!
Furthermore, most of the good ESSENCE improvement is gained without the big need to slot Boosting Jewels and thus the benefit can be enjoyed by everyone quite easily. Just ensure a 100% detection rate at least!

The boost gives a good extra upside. A 750 property Yield 1 ESSENCE in average per day but with 12x T3 Crafted Multicolor combo slot setup the ESSENCE yield is increased by the 36%! Not bad!

The 750 have gone from 0,038 ESSENCE / Day to 1 / 1.4 / 1.6 ESSENCE/day depending on non boost or boost!

This is at minimum a 26x Improvement!!!

Looking at the single tiles they have jumped from 0,0001 ESSENCE/DAY to 0,001 or 0.002 !

A 10x – 20x Improvement!

All-in-all the update may be viewed as quite nice and fair!

Of course, this update is still not fair towards Single tile ESSENCE farmers that was lead to believe the +2 Ether jewels would remain and invested both in tiles and jewels for that strategy backed by a promise from Earth2!

All our simulation tools will be updated with the new formulas during the weekend!

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