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A malfunctioning Jewel Yield Performance!?

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Is the Jewel Yield totally Malfunctioning?
We decided to write a letter to Earth2 Dev. Team.

The Jewel Yield had an update January 20th where T3 Jewels where introduced as well as the TIER2 Jewel Yield.
After one week we decided to publish the performance in the first article below. Then the Jewel Yield started to get choppy and we had to publish an article dismissing the first one.

February 3rd: T1 Versus T2 Jewel Yield Benchmark! Jewel Farming Performance!
February 5th: Important Update! T2 Jewel Farming Update!!

After extensive analysis, checking theories and discussions we have now finally decided to deem the Jewel Yield to be malfunctioning and decided to write an email to Earth2 Dev. Team. (Though we doubt we will get passed the regular Customer Support and instead just recieve and answer saying “please try restart your computer”)
But we will stand our ground.

E2Economist Letter to Earth2 – Jewel Yield

Dear Earth2  (Attention: E2 Dev.)
Please escalate this to the developers.

Brief background

We at E2Economist ( have collected the largest known, private, Earth2 database of +400 000 tiles (Main/Live site = Production site), +20 000 Jewel Spawns and Total EDC of 2 000 000 Essence. Our database is constantly growing with more large user accounts contributing with their data.

E2Economist strive to support you (The Earth2 company) by helping your customers (Earth2 Investors/Users) to better understand the mechanisms in the Earth2 platform by explaining the different behaviours of the various Earth2 Assets and yield performance etc.

This is done via a factbased and data driven Analytics methodology/approach. Thus, we have in place powerful Business intelligence capabilities to conduct rigorously analysis and monitoring of the the user data we collect to our database.

Acknowledging continuous alterations & errors.

We are very well aware that alterations and bug fixes occurs on a quite regular basis on the production site and is something we take into account when conducting new analysis as well as we need to redo previous analysis as identified changes has occurred. This is all understandable.

The Identified Issue! – Important

In general, we do not feel the urge to write to you in regards to potential errors in your algorithms being executed, as you generally are quite swift to sort it out, but this time we wanted to give that extra support. Thus, we want to highlight some very strange finding that we are unable to find any plausible logical explanations for.

The finding is about the Jewel Yield / distribution.

Pre-January 20th update, only Tier1 properties yielded Jewels and the distribution had been performing outmost stable for many months. Post-Jan20-update, Tier2 Properties started to yield Jewels. Great news! However, it seems like the implementation of the Tier2 Jewel Yield is not functioning properly. Moreover, it seems also like it has disturbed the Tier1 jewel yield to function properly.

At first, we thought the yield had been altered but after, soon, 1 month of data collection and analysis we cannot find a logical explanation of the distribution. (of course, the answer could be that we might just not be clever enough to understand it and all is working as expected. But the results we see seem to be far too irregular to make proper sense to pass as being properly working.

Examples of findings. I will now show a small part of our analysis but it will hit the spot of the issue identified.

Below you will see a part of our analytics dashboard focusing on countries where only small properties are located, in masses. We call them “Colonies”. Smallest concept is of course the Single Tile Colonies where each property is 1 tile and clustered together, e.g. into 836 properties.

The focus is on the yellow highlighted area. This is the case for the Marshall Islands seen below saying 836 TILES and Tile group “1-MIN” Meaning Singles.

In this example we have selected 45 days of data. Jan 1st to Feb 15th and only on property sizes no larger than 4 tiles. Js = Total Jewels received.  J/T = Total Jewels divided by tiles to gain a yield ratio. TILES = The sum of all the properties tiles. (Note, these are small properties 1-4 tiles thus a large sum of tiles means a large amount of small properties)

Note 1 – TIER1 Performance is off.
See the case of British India Ocean Territory. Row 1. Tier1, Single Tiles, 306 Tiles (Properties), 375 Jewels! A ratio of 1,23 jewels per tile. Very high. Compare this to The Row saying “Saint Vincent…” also TIER1 422 Tiles (more than British India) but only 27 jewels received vs the 375 British India had.

Note 2 – TIER2 Performance is off.
Now see Row 2. “South Georgia…” TIER2 540 Tiles (singles) 299 Jewels received. Compare to Marshall Islands or Tuvalu which are both Tier2. One 836 Tiles (singles) and one 406 tiles! Where the Tuvalu gained 0 jewels during the period and Marshall Islands only 23.

We have considered:

  • Location / Geography factors
  • Class
  • Tile Size scaling issues (variation on the map)
  • Purchase date

And all various factors and theories we can think of in order to justify or understand these performance differences but none reveals any ideas or theories of a logical reason for the HUGE performance differences.

Can you confirm that this is indeed an issue and it is being worked on?


We hope the sighting of this issue reach you well and we believe it would be beneficial to treat it as a high priority, if not already.

If you are interested in gaining future analysis and support about Asset yield performance and other in-platform functionality we would be happy to help. Our team consist of a set of highly skilled people with different strengths. Ranging from Math to backend coding to BI & analytics.

We would be happy to aid in any data analysis.

Best regards

E2Economist /Founder
C. Johan V. Ekman

It is our (E2Economist) expectation that the Jewel Yield SHOULD be working as we mentioned in the first Article February 3rd.

This was how the yield performed the first 7 days or so from implementation and is a Rational & Expected model/performance.

We NEVER stop monitoring and analyzing Earth2 asset performance and always strive to deliver the best quality insights! If our articles are wrong or seem to not be valid we always try to inform our readers and correct! This to ensure they have the absolute up-to-date information. Information that we in the E2E team are acting on ourselves. 

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