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T2 Single Colonies = FARMS?! Mystery of JEWEL BURSTS!

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In our latest article we covered the current Jewel performance of T1 and T2 the last couple of months.
Read it here: Extensive Jewel Yield Analysis – ALL Data Available!

In the beginning of the article we mention the phenomena “Jewel Bursts”. This only happens to T2 tiles and is especially noticeable for T2 Single tiles. Investors my experience a “HUGE” / “Abnormal” Jewel yield in one day seemingly without reason.

If you have experienced this “jewel burst” please answer the question in the end to support!
Either on the FB post, Twitter post or in this article, anywhere is fine.

In the article we mentioned that we had not uncovered the reason why these Jewel burst occurs.
But NOW! With some help from our friends in the South Korean community!
We may have a very interesting theory!

A theory about HOW OFTEN it happens! AND that it is NOT RANDOM but quite EXPECTED!

The theory is that aproximately 62 days after the T2 single Tile PURCHASE DATE the tiles may generate a “Jewel Burst”. We believe that there is some kind of stacking / accumulating “score” that is building up over time for each T2 Tile and once it reaches the required TOTAL SCORE it releases a Jewel! Let us demonstrate a few “extreme” examples to make it easier to understand the concept.

An investor manage to purchase 100 T2 Single tiles all in the same day. January 1st. For a Tile to generate a Jewel it may need a score of 600. Each day the tiles "roll a dice" with perhaps a random value from 1-20. With perhaps an average of 10 points "score" given. It would then take 60 days to reach the 600 points to required to generate a Jewel. 600/10 = 60.  The first day the investor may notice 0 jewel yield! Actually for many days! Thinking that T2 Singles seem to be useless for Jewels. 
Then after 60 days all 100 Singles reaches 600 points each and all of a sudden the investor receives 100 JEWELS IN ONE DAY!!  

Of course some tiles may be "lucky" and roll 20 points for many days in a row. Maybe even for 30 days reaching 600 points faster! Thus generating a Jewel faster than 60 days. 

The daily yield "lucky tiles"
Therefore, it may be the reasone why we see a very low jewel yield from many T2 singles in the start. Those generating "early" being the "lucky" ones (tiles) but then the average "bunch" happens at day 60 and "JEWEL BURSTS!"

Yield may smoothen out
However, as time goes by, for each 60 day cycle the jewels start to possibly "unsync" and the spike is becoming lower and lower but the yield each day is increasing and increasing and "smoothening" out the Jewel yield for the single tiles to become more "stable". 

What does this acutally mean then?

The above example is just an example. A theory we are seeing much evidence in. The values in the example are fictional to make it easy to understand. We do not yet know the full mechanics, probabilities or score required etc but we may figure it out. What we do know is that is does seem to happen about every 62 days!

What this would mean is that T2 Singles would generate a Jewel every 62 days on average versus T1 Singles that does it about every 33 days on average! Making T2 Singles half as powerful than T1s but still MUCH CHEAPER!


Now, we are not saying to everybody to start buying singles. It is still a theory. Below we will explain the data we have to support this theory, for now.

In our own data set we hade

As you can see in the pricture we have TWO T2 Single Colonies that have given Jewel Bursts. Also mentioned in the earlier article. This is also true as you can see that they have passed 62 days since purchase. The other T2 Single Colonies have yet not passed the 62 day mark from purchase yet! They still have between 14-20 days left before they are expected to “burst”. Hence, it will be some very interesting weeks of collecting Jewel Data!!!

The South Korean team member from the guild “Gaurdian” contributed with the picture seen below. There we can see a tracking of the 62 Day Jewel burst concept for each of their T2 Single colonies. They have managed to get +50 000 Singles T2 Tiles in a lot of different countries. They have also managed to buy each T2 Single Colony on specific dates. All Singles within the same T2 Colony was bought the same date. Hence every T2 Single Colony has a quite “unified date” for their singles.

The Red text is marking out the Jewel Bursts and the Purchase date of each T2 Colony is set in chronological order hence the red text is moving like a ladder to the next T2 Colony.

If you have experienced a Jewel Burst please check when you purchased the Tiles and estimate how many days it took for you to get the “burst”! Would be great if the community can chime in! Try to be as accurate as possible.

NOTE: It is possible to see the spawn location and date on the jewels yielded. When a burst appears it is then possible to hover over the jewels to see if they came from a lot fo T2 singles and check the purchase date

Remember! Mechanics can change at any time and this is a theory we are closely monitoring! We hope to be able to confirm this theory in about 3 weeks time as we check if the expected Jewel Bursts occurs.


Team / Guild: GUARDIANS
and their Team Member:
자본선비(Capital Seonbi)

We NEVER stop monitoring and analyzing Earth2 asset performance and always strive to deliver the best quality insights! If our articles are wrong or seem to not be valid we always try to inform our readers and correct! This to ensure they have the absolute up-to-date information. Information that we in the E2E team are acting on ourselves.

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