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Is EARTH2 the world’s most expensive SimCITY?!

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This is an article in our “UNDERSTANDING EARTH2” perspective and opinion series. Here we write more freely our opinionated thoughts and ideas and try to give new perspectives. We love for you to comment your thoughts about the article itself or your own ideas and debate the thoughts in this article! 

GAME vs platform

How will EARTH2 work?

A question we have been discussing since the dawn of EARTH2 and with little to no holistic clarity will be discussed for, perhaps, a year or two more before we have enough info to piece it all together. In a previous article Link-> EARTH2 THE “GOOGLE” OF WEB 3.0? THE SECRET AGENDA?! we made the case that EARTH2 had evolved from being a Game to a Platform and perhaps even the Metaverse of Metaverses a lá Google in WEB 3.0.

However, the incoming VLOGS and Candid thoughts from CEO, Shane Isaac, brings us down to earth in a lightning strike. Game Mechanics. Shane expresses clearly his love for games and gaming (We love that and we love gaming too!) but it is starting to feel that the “E2 Gaming Mechanics” also known as The EcoSim is evolving into a full fledge game.

Many (Including us) have had the idea that the “Game Mechanics” EcoSim will somehow be connected with the “Platform” mechanics. I.e. in the future, 3rd party Game developers and Business owners will create their own games and space inside of EARTH2. Utilizing the platform they will have to, perhaps, purchase our land (or rent it) and some games might even decide to require our jewels. A connection between the EcoSim and the E2 Platform. Though importantly, there would be a balance of how “Gamey” the EcoSim would be versus the requirements towards the “Platform utilizers” (Such as, 3rd Party Game developers, E-commerce Owners, Businesses of all kinds, Events, Shows, Concert Companies etc.).

If the EcoSim would be too gamified then it would increase the barrier for external businesses to establish themselves on the E2 Platform. This might be happening? In the latest Vlog we got introduced to Sycophants being produced in the residential buildings and educated in the commercial buildings to be specialized in various EcoSim tasks. Duly noted, as the buildings will be “multipurposed” it opens up for many unknowns. Nonetheless, various types of construction droids being required to complete the holobuildings placed into functional structures and the notion of a tech tree forming. Where do the external stakeholders fit into this picture?

A SimCity feeling emerges.

On another video where Shane makes a longer Q&A video (which is very welcome!) highlighting this user comment:
“To me it is SimCity meets Google Earth in an MMO where you own parts of the globe permanently and build your city and make real money from it. Then as time moves on the platform morphs into additional experiences.”

Where upon Shane answers:
“See this guy kinda gets it. He is looking at what we are building and piecing things together. Of course the Phase 2 stuff that we are building now you could say have similarities to SimCity. It got similarities with a lot of different games. You know it is a metaverse, it is gonna have these game like elements in it.”

The concern and major distinction to make is whether we are talking about 3rd Party game developers establishing their games on the Metaverse platform or if it is E2’s OWN Game that creates the game like elements in the EARTH2 metaverse. This particular Q&A signaled that EARTH2 is focusing a lot on gamifying the platform.

Additionally features that concerns EARTH2 investors, hoping for EARTH2 to be one of the future platforms for companies, is the notion of PvP, Guild system and Defense system required to not lose control or various digital asset yields from their land. These features are historically known to not be related or beneficial to real life business establishments, E-commerce, events or other business related operations.

For the landowners who are hoping to rent out their land to businesses and make good rent or Ad revenue or possibly sell their land for a very good profit it raises issues if the E2 environment is supporting external stakeholders, like businesses, to start-up in EARTH2 in a professional, serious way.

Adding more “cost” to businesses by requiring digital assets, time and competence poses a major risk. Other Metaverses may offer businesses to start-up for free leaving EARTH2 an unatractive place to run a business in.

The average person in EARTH1 may not find it too apealing either if the platform is too gamified / complex, neither would help for a newcomer (unless lots of official or “official approved” documentation/videos are available).

THE EcoSim Game vs the platform

As the pendulum seem to have swung back toward a more heavy gamified EARTH2 metaverse, again, it makes the way of one very important question: Will my mother buy her makeup from a store in EARTH2 ?
And is this even one of EARTH2’s goal to succeed with?

For this to happen the barrier for the consumer need to be low, as low as possible close to non-existent (Open an account in 2 secs and ready to go!), and welcoming and the barrier for businesses to establish on the platform need to be as low, cheap and easy. With current information it seems like the EcoSim could hinder this progress from happening.

Have we invested SEVERAL THUSANDS of dollars on a SimCity game metaverse with a 1:1 Earth map with Play-2-Earn features?

Thus, being the worlds most expensive SimCity game ever built?

There is so much we still do not know about EARTH2 and how the Assets, EcoSim and Platform as whole will function all together! There will be many more turns to come and we love to cover this journey and give some food for thought! All our trust is in EARTH2’s hands! We of course hope and believe they will make it count!

Nonetheless, it would not hurt to get the main concepts and goals of EARTH2 outlined.

how do you view earth2 now and is it what you thought it would be?

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