Should we stock up on E-THER!?

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“E-ther is life”
Should we stock up on it?

IS e-ther becoming more attractive?

Several signals have started to make blips on our radar about E-ther that have had us wondering. Much focus have always been on ESSENCE. Stated to be the “Basis of Everything”. Allthough this seems stillhold true as it is being more and more connected to all EARTH2 Digital Assets (Jewel Upgrades, Resource production, TIER Upgades etc) we have always wondered WHY we need to CLAIM E-ther AND TRANSFORM it to ESSENCE giving us the option to actually STORE E-ther!

Could there be any benefits by storing E-ther and hold with the Transformations?

An earlier benefit, before the new ESSENCE Fractions (decimal) system, it was beneficial for investors owning many small properties to accumulate E-ther before transforming as transforming 1 E-ther usually resulted in 0 ESSENCE and a bulk amount of E-ther would at least result in some ESSENCE.

Another benefit that occured for investors was the EARTH2 DAY “Essence Bonus” (April 23rd). An event where Investors that Transformed their E-ther during April 22-23rd recieved an X multiple ESSENCE bonus. Thus, those who had accumulated a lot of E-ther for a longer period could focus the transformation on these dates to gain a good boost by the multiple bonus.

However, generally, investors have seen it to be more of a RISK to accumulate E-ther. This, since the E-ther balance cannot be seen on the account, the investors cannot easily make sure the E-ther still exists and is counted correctly.

We can confirm that there is a backend “balance” tracking for E-ther and always been. EARTH2 is storing the accumulated account’s claimed E-ther.

Moreover, in the recent VLOG #6 a billboard with CEO, SHANE ISAAC, appeared with the text:


Hinting that it may be wise to transform your E-ther, daily..

Though, recently we are not too sure that this may be the best strategy.

Since the ESSENCE yield update, 1st of June, the yield has dropped to a near constant / fixed Transformation rate of 6.5% for all properties, T1 and T2 all alike. This is a major reduction in peformance vs the avg of 68% rate for T1 with EDC and avg of 20% for T1 without EDC (0 Awaiting Claim – “Depleted EDC Boost – properties”).

Investors are now yielding A LOT less ESSENCE than pre-update. If this is a “bug” and the tranformation rate will be adjusted then WHY NOT Accumulate the E-ther, hold it and see how it plays out?

At the same time the amount of E-Ther yielded from T1 properties has increased.
Previously 1 E-ther for every 150 tiles, now 1 E-ther for every 65:ish tiles. Almost 3 times more E-ther from T1 properties. For T2 it is the same. 1-ther for aproximately per 200 tiles owned.

This might signal another “early bonus / benefit” for T1 holders. This could be a window of opportunity (a period) where T1 holders can gain a lot of E-ther vs T2 land holders. Just like T1 owners could with the +2 Ether Jewels. However, at that time transformation ratio was high and transforming to ESSENCE was a better deal. This time the high yield of E-ther is different with the low transformation rate.

And again, together with the notion that E-ther can be stored, what is the benefit?
Could it even be that E-ther will have its very OWN utility in EARTH2 in the future? Thus another argument to store E-ther and hold to wait and see. Keep all options open.

All-in-all, the scale may have tipped over to show more upsides to store E-ther and take it easy to transform it.
What are really the risks now to Hold E-ther, Wait and Assess before transforming!

This is of course pure speculations from our side but food for thought.


What do you think ?

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