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The Clues told by E-THER & ESSENCE History!

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All our analysis and findings related to EARTH2 Assets will be added to our "Investors Library" section for each area respectively. This is to help the Investor to easier understand his/hers investment decision and impacts on the various assets. 


EARTH2, a platform that is ever evolving and per definition changes things from time to time. The investor, impacted by all the constant changes, have had an emotional rollercoaster ranging from confusion, anger to happiness. Especially when yielding performance is altered for the various EARTH2 assets. Perhaps especially when it comes to the E-THER & ESSENCE yield.

We have of course monitored every change, analyzed the new factors and tried to keep up with supplying the latest yield performance to you, to the community. By doing this we have also kept track on when they occured but more importantly tried to understand WHY they did it!

Have you had a hard time to keep up with the changes?
Well no wonder, EARTH2 have In fact updated the E-THER & ESSENCE mechanics 4 TIMES SINCE LAUNCH, 7 August 2021. Basically once every quarter. No wonder the E2 investor is feeling dizzy and confused!!

Below is a composed table of ALL the PREVIOUS performances AND the CURRENT ONES!

Please be sure to note the arrows and the text noted of the achievements EARTH2 had seem to have had in mind for each change, as these were the effects!

One question mark
We have not figured out the Dec 3rd change for T1 – 0 EDC where EARTH2 basically killed the yield. Intentionally or not? A month later they at least changed their mind and improved T1 – 0 EDC to be better than T2s…

Even more interesting may be the recent change!
EARTH2 saw to ensure the ESSENCE yield would remain unchanged but “up:ed” the E-THER yield and countered with lower Transformation % ratio (6.5%) for ALL T1 Properties.

This occured in relation to the release of the statement: “E-THER IS LIFE” and the EARTH2 investors learnt that to create AND support biological life, within the EcoSim, it will require E-THER.

Recently we wrote the article: Should we stock up on E-THER!? before the information about Biological Life forms where released. An aspect we need to add to this information is a possible hidden opportunity.

Properties with EDC (Essence Awaiting to be claimed) have a higher E-THER yield than depleted 0 EDC properties.
A property is only being drained if the E-THER is transformed (The Property being drained on LIFE?!).

Once drained the E-THER yield is reduced by 70%!!


Thus, Investors have the opportunity to HALT their “drainage” of T1 Properties and keeping the E-THER yield at maximum if only claiming the E-THER and not Transforming it! Perhaps with a later feature the investor can decide from which property to tranform E-THER to ESSENCE from. Only choosing to transform the E-THER from 0 EDC properties to ensure not to drain the EDC props for high E-THER yield.

Time will tell If this opportunity is intentional or not by EARTH2!!
Food for thought!

P.s We have now updated the E-THER pages with the correct values – Here –

Hope you enjoyed this article

/The Mandalorian (cjve)

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CJVE - The Mandalorian


Elijah M. 2022-07-08 at 00:24

Will E2 Economist post an update if the Ether Trans.% Rate or other factor changes in the E-ther/Essence system?

CJVE - The Mandalorian 2022-07-08 at 07:40

Yes! Some way or another! This article is a part of telling the recent factors in E-ther & Essence system. Please see the picture in this article and the column saying 1:st JUN. That is the current factors as of today. You will also find all this updated info on our E-THER page:


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