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On this page you will find a lot of useful information. However, it should be noted that EARTH2 is complex and will grow in complexity.
We have tried to simplify it as much as possible but there is no escape from having to learn to read some tables and figures!
(The tables may be small on the phone – TILT phone then pinch and zoom when viewing the tables/pictures!)
We STRONGLY RECOMMEND Viewing this page on a computer / large screen

You will find:

  • The Average Boost for ALL jewels and Qualities! [1 TABLE]
  • The Boost Effect if slotting x amount of the same color (MonoColor Slotting) [1 TABLE]
    This table will show the optimal amount of jewels to slot of each color and Max output effect.
  • Available Jewels by boost, a table supporting the investor to quickly identify what jewels carrying what boost
  • Showing ALL our identified “BEST” Slotting setups (Builds) [1 TABLE]
  • Showing how to setup EACH and EVERY Slot Strategy [11 + 4 TABLES]
  • Additional, in the end, there is also a section explaining the Diminishing effect for MonoColor slotting.
    And the “Blocking Effect”.
    Both effects that is avoided by Mixed Color Slotting (MultiColor Slotting)

Avg boost: All jewels & Qualities

Below table show the performance of each and every jewel and quality. The performance is always a Range and when comparing with your jewels in the inventory you may find it is not the same as below. This is because the values below is the average performance of all jewels for each color and type.

Monocolor boost effects & curves

The investor may find that jewels obtain a “downward arrow” (Diminishing Effect) when slotting the same color several times into a mentar or an “X” (Blocking Effect) for Anthracite (Coal) and Black (Oil)
(Read more about these special effect at the end of this page)
However, there are optimal amounts of jewels that should be slotted when comboing the same color to reach best boost effect.
The Amount of Jewels required to reach the Optimal effect and the Maximum Boost effect is not the same.
Optimal amount of jewels is currently always one Jewel less from when the Maximal Boost effect is reached.
Thus the Optimal will have a slighlty lower effect vs max but save one slot for other jewels.

Below is the table that will show every boost effect for each color and type depending on the amount slotted.

In short:
Resource jewels has an Optimal of 2 jewels and a Max effect at 3 jewels.
Ether, Research & Construction have an Optimal of 5 jewels and a Max effect at 6 jewels.

Phones: strongly recommend to tilt the phone then zoom


This table will show all available jewels for each boost. Hence, when reading the slotting strategies / builds, below, one can more easily go back and check what jewels to apply for the certain resource focus upon.

11+4 identified slotting strategies

Combining all this knowledge we can construct the various slotting strategies / combos (Builds) that can reach the maximum boost effect. 11 “BEST” Builds have been identified. There are a few more builds that we have identified that almost reach the same boost but could done with cheaper jewels. We will include them in the end of the “How to Setup” list and the reader can compare it with the corresonding “best” build.

We have decided to exclude BRILLIANTS in our builds as these are “ultra” rare and will not be a common praxis. However, for those with BRILLIANTS you cannot go wrong. They do not have the Diminished effect and can be used without any penalty anywhere.

The builds below are “generic” in the way that they can be applied for any Resource. Thus we have not labeled the specific resources. Instead they are shown as: Resource 1, Resource 2 etc. However, in our examples in the “how to setup” we have decided to use specific jewels to show an example.

OIL is the ONLY specified resource in the table below.
This is as OIL is a resource with several “conflicts” with other jewels.
OIL (Black) + GOLD (YELLOW) = Quicker / Stronger Diminished Effect (Even if they are two different colors)
OIL (Black) + COAL (ANTHRACITE) = Blocking Effect – Not compatible

Phones: strongly recommend to tilt the phone then zoom

how to slot to achieve each setup / build

Below are the detailed approach of how to setup each build. Note that these are examples of the concepts. The investor can decide to setup these concept builds for any resource(s) focused upon.

Since Oil is inflicting special negative effects on Gold and Coal we decided to create 2 extra “DUAL” combo alternatives specifically for OIL combos. If the investor really would like to extract ONLY: OIL + COAL from the property as a focus or OIL + GOLD these builds could be an option.
These Builds are also included in the end.

Two extra builds for the 6 Resource and 7 Resource focus Builds were identified that could be of interest. They are performing a little less but may be cheaper to achieve. Included in the end.

step 1: Select build?

First it is time to select what build below that suits your need. If you focus on Resource boost then you will have to decide how many Resources you would like to focus max boost on for you property. E.g. You may have decided to focus on 3 Resources then you may want to aim for the 3R – 3 Resource build below.
If you want to focus on E-ther you have the build “E” in the end. Etc.

— Look up the build below required for you —

step 2: What resources?

Now you have decided how many resources you would like to maximize for.
The next step is to check WHAT resources do you need to maximize?
Let’s continue the 3 Resource focus and e.g. Wood, Water and Limestone.

— Use the build you selected (e.g. R3 in this case)
below but swap out the jewels in the build for the jewels required for your resources
Check the table ABOVE about what Jewels you can select from for your resource focus! —

Step 3: Apply jewels to your property!

Start slotting the jewels to your property! and Voila!
You have now executed the maximize Resource boost for your property!

Phones: strongly recommend to tilt the phone then zoom

Two extra builds 6 Resource & 7 resource builds

Slightly lower performance but cheaper than the best build displayed above.

Two DUAL builds for OIL + GOLD & OIL + COAL combos


monocolor – Diminishing PERFORMANCE!

When slotting several Jewels of the same kind (MonoColor) into a property they recieve a diminished performance / effect! in the example below we can see that the SUNSET Jewels have “downgrading” arrows next to it and when hovering over the stats are heavily reduced per each jewel!

MultiColor – intact Performance

When Slotting different jewels as single jewels (MultiColor) they will keep their full performance. Below we added a Jamaican Jewel which also have a +2 Ether boost. This boost is not reduced! Thus, slotting different jewels will retain the Jewels individual boost.

The degrading arrows are visualized in three levels of reduction.
Jewel Range:
Level 1 Degradation (1 Arrow) = 2 Jewels of the same type
Level 2 Degradation (2 Arrows) = 3 – 4 Jewels of the same type
Level 3 Degradation (3 Arrows) = 5 – 12 of the same jewel or more

Below is an example on the right when an investor has slotted 12 jewels of the same color (MonoColor) carrying 3% E-THER boost (TIER 3 Crafted Jewels). The maximum Boost reaches 6%. If the investor only slotted 5 of the same jewels the performance would have had been 7.8% ! (Table above with the optimal slotting)

If the investor instead manage to slot 12 different jewels (MultiColor) carrying 3% then the performance will be intacted and stacked to reach 43% boost!

INCREASE = what the true output is

THE super diminishing effect

For the YELLOW color (Precious Metals) it is extra impacted when slot:ed with Anthracite or Black. Below we can see just a singel Yellow recieving a 3 level dregrading due to two Black Jewels.

the anthracite + black BLOCKING EFFECT!

It has now also been noted that the New Anthracite (Coal) and Black (Oil) cannot be in a combo together.
Hence, properties will not be able to boost both Coal and Oil on the same property with this COMBO!

However one T3 Crafted Jewel, OBSIDIAN, is EXTRA SPECIAL as it HOLD the OIL + COAL Combo!


Brilliant jewels which is attained by a small chance (0.02% chance / 1 in 500 trials) by upgrading to Luminous has some very special benefits:

  1. They gain an Ether x% boost (if PRIME / spawned jewel)
  2. They do not Degrade/diminish boost when combined
  3. This means that it may be possible to reach 60% E-ther increase by slotting 12 T3 Brilliant Jewels if each jewel has 5% E-ther boost (5*12) !