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This feature will be growing and growing to eventually include all ASSETS performance to be simulated!


How it works:
We have inserted how many Jewels, ESSENCE and Shards that are required in order to create each and every jewel to Luminous. Adding to that we have an average of 0.2% chance to gain a Brilliant jewel. This is an average of 1 Brilliant in 500 trials. Thus the calculator will take all the Jewels, Shards and ESSENCE that are required for 1 Luminous and multiply by 500. Some may be lucky to create a Brilliant quicker than 500 trials and some will be unlucky and not create one in 500 trials. Extensive analysis have been done and 500 = 0.2% chance is the average.
This total amount of “material” required is then converted to a price when you insert the JEWEL Price and ESSENCE Value.

INSTRUCTIONS (The calculator takes a few seconds to load)

Below you will see a large table. This table can calculate the Brilliant price at different JEWEL PRICE & ESSENCE PRICE intervalls.

  • First you have to input what the “basic” Jewel price is for spawned Jewels.
    This is the price on the bazzar for TIER 1 COMMON JEWELS.
    In our latest market update we will also give you the average Jewel price: (CLICK HERE TO FIND MARKET UPDATES)
  • Secondly you decide how much this JEWEL PRICE should increase for the Sensistivit analysis.
  • Then you Input the ESSENCE Value. You can find what the Bazaar is currently averaging if you check our latest MARKET UPDATE. In there you will find ESSENCE VALUE. (CLICK HERE TO FIND MARKET UPDATES)
  • Lastly you decide how much the ESSENCE value should increase step by step.

This will give you what the BRILLIANT PRICE would be in several ESSENCE AND JEWEL PRICE RANGES!


We understand how difficult it can be to understand the ins and outs of how the Earth2 EcoSim works. 

More importantly how difficult, if not impossible, it is to try it in Earth2 as it may require a lot of money in order to test ideas in Earth2. 

Even though we at E2Economist is shedding light by making analysis via data, math and statistics published in articles and storing the valuable info in the Investors Library it may still be difficult to understand how it works!