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Earth 2 Ownership

Holding / Group / Parent Company: Earth Version 2 Pty Ltd | Registration date: 07/05/2018
Shares allocation:
50 (50%) Shares – SHANE MATTHEW ISAAC

Subsidiary: Earth 2 UK Ltd | Registration date: 29/01/2021
Director Geoffrey Hudson-Searle., appointed on 02 February 2021. Director Shane I., appointed on 29 January 2021.
The company is categorised as “publishing of computer games” (Standard Industrial Classification code: 58210).

Company Accounting: Profit & Loss Statements

To be disclosed in the future (We are awaiting the release fo their Financial Statements / Documents)

earth2 partnerships
and known technologies

(Payment Walls)


Earth2 primary Revenue stream is from Investors purchasing the In-platform currency E$. This is easliy done via debit/credit card. The Value, Cost and Exhange Rate of an E$ is currently equal a US dollar (1 E$ = 1 USD) making it pegged to the USD.

Crowdfunding scheme

Due to the lack of in-platform gameplay, user features and functionality it is now also considered being the primary crowdfunding scheme. An innovative way to raise capital for future RnD and development of the Company & Platform. Since this is the general start of any account .

“Investors” (People contributing in the crowdfunding) never own any shares or legal right to influence the company’s direction nor the insights into its roadmap, technical decisions or prioritizations. Joining the crowdfunding scheme results merely on purchasing an unfinished product that hopefully will be delivered complete in the (unknown) future. It is the investors belief on the vision that drive the support to crowdfund.

Editors Sidenote: It is important to note that Earth2 have already gained the cash before the investor have spentthe newly purchased E$.

Directly Buying New Tiles or Properties

The other option for the investor is to purchase (Select) New Tiles and pay for this product directly with credit/debit card without. Or Purchasing Propertys on the Marketplace in the same manner. It is not known if the E2 system does this via purchasing E$ in the background and spending this on the property / new tiles.


Investor can withdraw their E$ from the platform to their bank accounts for their local fiat currencies. An administrative transaction fee is applied consisting of both a fixed value and a percentage of the amount.

There are several banks who have not upgraded their systems to cater for EARTH2 withdrawls thus an intermediary can be used before withdrawing to the bank. E.g. of a popular intermediary is REVOLUT (Virtual MasterCard). Withdrawing to revolut can then make it possibl to withdraw from REVOLUT to ones bank account. 

EARTH2 plans to release physical MasterCards .  

Editors sidenote: At current writing we unfortunately lack this information about the exact fee. Please contact us if you have this information.

In platform Fees

Earth2 second Revenue stream comes from in-platform fees applied to the trading of assets between investors in the second hand markets, e.g. MarketPlace, Bids, Bazaar etc. Below is a list of fees that occurs for the seller. The transaction fee is deducated from the sellers price.

(Marketplace & Bids)

This fee is calculated as 5% of the investors profit. Not the total price.

An investor purchase a property for 100 USD. Later the investor sell the property on the marketplace or via a bid for an amount of 200 USD. The profit is then 100 USD, 200 Selling price – 100 Purchase price = 100 Profit. Fee is then 100 Profit * 0.05 = 5 USD in Fee paid by the Seller automatically to Earth2.

Jewels SALES Fee

  • Blue:      0.04 E$
  • Black:    0.08 E$
  • Brown: 0.03 E$
  • Ochre:   0.05 E$
  • Grey:     0.04 E$
  • Sandy:   0.04 E$
  • Yellow: 0.08 E$

Other Assets (Revenue Streams)

Mentars can be pruchased for 5 E$ per property.
(Alternative: Free if starting the 14 day waiting quest)

Deploying HoloBuilding will cost the HoloBuilding value which is determined by its volume.
(Alternative payment: Essence)

Other PayWalls (Revenue Streams)

To be written.

Payouts: Referral Codes

Earth2 incetivizes investors to find new investors by offering a 5% E$ Cashback upon New Tile purchases. IF the investor owns AT LEAST 1 tile TIER 1 then the refferal code will increase to 7.5%. When applying an accounts code both the existent and new investors recieve the cash back from Earth2.

Payouts: Land Income Tax (LIT)

Earth2 incentivizes investors to purchase or recommend purchases of new tiles in the countries already invested in.

When new land/tiles are purchased in a country a small part of the total spend is redistributed to every user that already own a TIER1 Class 1, 2 or 3 land/property. This type of dividend in E$ is called “Land Income Tax”, LIT.

Unconfirmed reports estimate that a total of 0.85% is distributed back to land owners where of:
Class 1 recieves 0.5%
Class 2 recieves 0.25%
Class 3 recieves 0.1 %
Each owner within each class will then recieve accordingly to their share of tiles within that class.

A value of 10 000 USD worth of New Tiles was purchased in France. Class 1 owners total LIT in France to share is then 10 000 * 0.005 = 50 E$.
In total there is only 100 000 Class 1 tiles in each country. The LIT / Class 1 Tile is therefore: 50 E$ / 100 000 Class 1 Tiles = 0.0005 E$.
If a user own a 750 Property of Class 1 then the LIT that day will yield 750 * 0.0005 = 0.375 E$

Tax Authorities

Money withdrawn to the investors bank account is generally subdued to be taxed by the national tax authority. It is the investors legal obligation to follow the legislation in your country. Currently this type of investment probably will go under CryptoCurrency legislation. Please consult with your local tax authority when filing for tax returns  / declaring taxes.

NOTE: EARTH2 currently may not cater to all required documents you will need to complete your taxes in the correct or efficient way. Extracting Transactional records is currently not available by EARTH2. Investors have been using home-made Scripts to scrape / data extract their own Transactional records.