2. EcoSim Elements

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ecosim elements

Information on this page will be continously refined as more info is released. The EcoSim Elements are the objects the player can utilize and interact with to play the “game”. It includes everything from buildings, infrastructure, vehicles to civilians. Moreover, the processes and activities taking place in the EcoSim.

On this page we aim to summarize and describe all this for the EARTH2 player.

The full Tech tree and principles about EARTH2 Buildings are not yet clarified. However, bits and pieces have been dropped in various official EARTH2 media.

the player avatar

There has still not been many mentionings about the Player Avatar. However, it has been said that the avatar will be deeply customizable. We are assuming that a visitor to the EARTH2 platform could decide to partake in the EcoSim or not. Should the Visitor partake in the EcoSim and become an EcoSim Player then additional requirements is added to the avatar such as Housing (A place to live) either by owning the land and house or leasing it from another player. The EARTH2 world could be experienced via both first-person shooter view (POV) and third-person (Out of body experience).

If not partaking in the EcoSim the requirements is assumed to be much less or none to accomodate the mainstream visitor visiting for other purposes than P2E.

(Pre-Made Content)

Firstly, there seem to be “Pre-made” structures that can be acquired and deployed but also “Player Content Created” buildings to be designed and created.

Currently EcoSim may be a groupname for the “Pre-Made” structures that are playing an important role within the EARTH2 EcoSim (Economy).
See MUCH more about this further down on this page!

Several subtype of buildings would be:

  • THE MENTAR + Weaver Technology
    A building detecting “evaporated E-THER that can be claimed into ESSENCE (Token) from each property
    When the Weaver capability is added to the Mentar it can Detect Resources & Produce Rawmaterial consuming ESSENCE
    A building that can store Rawmaterial (Resources?) and potentially building blocks and other assets
    A building to research the Building Tech Tree (Building Blueprints) and uncover more INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS
    Buildings that can transform specific Rawmaterial (Resources?) into Building Blocks that are used for constructing Buildings from “Holo” state into a complete structure by using construction doids


(User Created Content) 

These buildings may be the buildings that users initially used the HoloBuilding Editor for and will later improve to a more sophisticated Editor when Phase2 Launches (3D Environement).

  • RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS (Houses & Skyscrapers)

 infrastructure & vehicles

infrastructure (interbuilding road system)

It is known that roads and transportation (Logistics) will be a BIG part of the EcoSim. Various types of roads will be available to connect different buildings, villages, rural areas and cities.


EARTH2 have not yet released the vehicles that will be available; however, some known information have been stated:

  • Specific Types – Not only sizes but also Battle vehicles, Cargo Vehicles, Transportation Vehicles, etc.
  • Different attributes for each type: Top speed, Acceleration, Reachability, Weight Capacity Ratio
  • Various vehicles will be beneficial for various uses and transport from en Economical standpoint

Vehicles will need to be manufactured, unkown where and how.

 civilians &
other biological lifeforms

Civilians are player produced NPCs. Civilians can be produced in the Residential buildings and trained in the Commercial buildings for various tasks. E-THER is required to “Breath life” (Produce) into the NPCs.

If the civilians are not managed properly, either by not supporting them (E-ther cost to support) or housing them (Lack of living quarters) by the player it is said that they may find another player to work and live for (Lured and converted).

3 different civilians are known:

Sycophants are “WorkerBees” that can be produced/created by Residential Buildings and later trained and educated in the Commercial Buildings to be specialized in various tasks/professions. The Sycophants can then be assigned to tasks and ordered to work and complete tasks for the Player. Potentially workforce in the EcoSim Buildings, operating construction drones or somehow be invloved with building contruction and potentially collecting various digital assets on landowers land. List of tasks to be declared.

Protégés purpose is unknown

Voteries purpose is unknown


By DVDRUN3N (+ Images below)

General construction process

Currently it has been stated that all EcoSim buildings follow the same Construction Process.
This process is outlines below.



Mentars are the frst building in the Ecosim tech tree. They detect E-ther from the property they are built on and turn it into Essence.
To aquire a Mentar, you must first purchase land using $E on which the mentar can be placed. Properties have the natural ability to produce E-ther and Jewels.
Mentars have the ability to be slotted with Jewels which improves its performance of production of Resources and Essence through the jewels’ modifier effects.
You will need to socket jewels according to the resource found on the property to be able to prime the production of that resource. This brings us to the Weaver, which is part of the Mentar.
There is a Weaver located inside the Mentar which replicates raw materials by evaluating the binary representation of soil around the Resource contained within the captured Essence, and uses that data – if compatible – to replicate the Raw Material.
Weavers o fa certain tier will use Essence to produce a set amount of Raw Material (measured in Storage Units) per tile.
The first set of Resources to exist will be Oil, Coal, Gold, Limestone, Freshwater, Wood, Sand and Iron

the research lab

The Research Lab is the second ecosim building after the Mentar in the tech tree. In its most basic form will take up 1 tile, but will be able to be expanded (so remember to leave some room for the expansion). Lab upgrades are required for higher tier Ecosim buildings.
The blueprint for the research lab can be acquired when the Tier 1 Ecosim buildings are released (for purchase?). The Mentar is a pre- requisite to be able to acquire the Research lab blueprint.
The Research Lab blueprint must be placed and activated as a Holobuilding, and construction droids will be required to use pre-woven resources to complete the construction of the lab.
The purpose of the Research Lab is to create blueprints and contour survey reports for other Ecosim buildings. Jeweb can be slotted on the property for the Lab to help speed up the research and build time.

Contour Survery reports will scan the property of where various buildings can be placed. It is stated that it will be possible to construct some buildings in difficult terrain aswell.


The Water Processor (WATER) & Lignator (WOOD)

The Water Processor is among one of the first Ecosim buildings and will occupy a single tile.
The purpose of the Water Processor is to refne Freshwater into Industrial Water. Industrial water is not fit for consumption but is a key component for any production process and will be required for the construction of most Building Blocks.
While there is not a lot of information on the building of the Water Processor, there are assumptions made from the more recent VLOG’s which cover the construction of other ecosim buildings.
The Lignator is the second revealed Ecosim building and will occupy 2 tiles.
The Lignator can be loaded with wood and fresh water to create construction wood building blocks. Almost all other Ecosim buildings will require contruction wood and will be required early on in the tech tree.
As the Ecosim gains higher tiers, building blocks will become more diversified, specialized and complex.

The petrifier (STONE) & Steel mill (IRON)

The Petrifier has the ability to transform Limestone, Sand and Freshwater into Concrete Concrete is the key Building Block of the Cements branch
The Petrifier has the ability to transform Iron Ore, Wood and Industrial Water into Rolled Steel. Rolled Steel is the key Building Block of the Steel branch


The gold polymerizer (GOLD) & petrol processor (OIL)

The Gold Polymerizer is a Layer 2 building and the start of the mettalurgic chemistry branch.
To build the Gold Polymerizer 3 things need to be completed:
Layer 2 officially released by E2

The Research Lab must be upgraded to Layer 2
The Water Processor must be active on any player owned property
If the support building is removed (player deconstructs the building or sells the property with the building) the Gold Polymerizer will cease to function until it is built again.
Resources to build the Petrol Processor are Construction Wood, Concrete, Rolled Steel, Industrial Water and Gold The processor can be loaded with Industrial Waer and Gold to make Gold Bars.

The Petrol Processor is a Layer2 building and the start of the coatings technology branch.
To build the Pedal Processor 3 things need to be completed:
Layer 2 officially released by E2

The Research Lab must be upgraded to Layer 2
The Lignator, Petrifer and Water Processor must be active on any player owned property
If the support buildings are removed (player deconstructs the building or sells the property with the building) the Petrol Processor will cease to function until it/they are built again.
Resources to build the Petrol Processor are Construction Wood, Concrete, Rolled Steel, Industrial Water and Oil
The processor can be loaded with Wood, Limestone, Industrial Water and Refined Oil to make Laquers, Coatings and Paint(in- duding self luminous paint)


We are still missing EcoSim buildings focused on COAL (Power Plant?) and potentially SAND (Glass / Windows?)
Vehicle Manufacturing factory(ies)?
Droid Manufacturing factory(ies)?
Many many more EcoSim buildings are expected to be declared


Residential & commercial buildings


TILE(S): Various depending on the size of the structure (Cottage to Skyscraper)


OUTPUT: VR Space for the Occupier
The Players Avatar require a place to stay in order to play the EcoSim.
NPC Civilians can also be produced: Sycophants, Protoges, Voteries & Training Civilians for Tasks (Multipurpose Unknown)
INPUT: Unknown
Storage Capacity: Unknown