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CJVE - The Mandalorian

The term currently could potentially be best defined as:


"All available goods (assets) and services on the Earth 2 platform, Tradeable or not, generated or purchased, acting as an agent to produce functional value either inside the metaverse or outside".

In praxis it is both Macro and Micro economics inside the Earth2 Metaverse.

9 Assets have currently been Identified:


  • E2 Dollars
  • Tiles/Properties
  • Jewels
  • Mentars
  • E-ther
  • Essence
  • Resources
  • HoloBuildings
  • Other (NFT Easter Eggs)

More indepth description about each Asset can be found on the subpages of this EcoSim page.

Earth2 is constantly evolving the EcoSim with new types of assets but also developing the functions of each asset in the pursuit of creating realistic highly potent value mechanics for the user experience offering many potential opportunities to gain entertainment value or yield real profits.


Having a good understanding about the overall mechanics of the EcoSim and staying up-to-date is KEY in order to the latter (Yield Real Profits).

staying up-to-date is KEY in order to the latter (Yield Real Profits).

One of our goals is to support you with this challenging task.

On these following subpages we will continously update information about current and new assets but also give you insight into our own reasoning and interesting way-of-thinking of various strategies and tactics that can be generating value.