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Earth2 returning the investment?

There are several reasons why investors have put their money into the pockets of Earth2. Whether the reason(s) for the Earth2 investors were to jump on new technology, support the development of an awesome game or platform and later enjoy it, got hyped by the Metaverse buzz, got sold by the Earth2 vision, just like to gamble or ALL ABOVE it is never wrong to gain a return on the hard earned bucks invested.

At E2Economist the sole focus is precisely this, gaining money back with the highest possible yield. Always pondering how to protect one’s interests in Earth2, position the portfolio by diversifying it and manage all the Earth2 Assets hold in balance in the most optimal way. Always reassessing the situation and incoming info.

25 Confirmed & Potential Revenue Streams!

Below we have composed a list that we hope may be of interest for the community to gain inspiration from but first and foremost gain a better birds eye view about the potentials in Earth2.

Digital Assets:

  1. [TRADING] Properties (Tiles / Land) [IMPLEMENTED]“Landowners”
    Buying and Selling Tier 1 or Tier 2 land and properties is the primary asset trade in Earth2. Investors who focus on trading properties with a high turnover is known as “Flipping Tiles”. Trades can be done via the marketplace or bids. These are the “Landowners”
  2. [PASSIVE INCOME] LIT (Land Income Tax) [IMPLEMENTED]“Landowners”
    Tier 1 Properties will be giving a certain dividend of E$ to the “White balance” of the account each day when new land purchases are made in the specific country that the Tier 1 property resides in.
  3. [TRADING] Jewels at the Bazaar [IMPLEMENTED]“The Jewel Farmers”
    Jewes are yielded by properties at certain rates but can also be bought at the Bazaar by other investors. Jewels can be upgraded to higher Qualities or Crafted to higher Tiers or different Colors. An investor can decide to use them in Games to enable specific benefits or slot them to properties for specific boosts or sell them for a profit at the Bazaar to other investors. Investors that are focusing in gaining an optimal jewel yield are focusing on Single tile properties both for Tier 1 and Tier 2 properties also known as “Jewel Farmers”
  4. [TRADING] ESSENCE Token [CONFIRMED]“The ESNC Crypto Traders”
    ESSENCE is the basis of “everything” and “ESSENCE is POWER” are statements from EARTH2. This is true as it is THE Asset in platform that is required for many various activities. E.g. to upgrade Jewels quality, upgrade Tier 2 properties into Tier 1, Purchasing EPLs, generating Resources and more. This is the Earth2 Crypto Token also tradeable on external exchanges in the near future. It can be yielded from Properties on a daily basis by transforming evaporated E-ther detected by constructed Mentars into ESSENCE by various conversion rates. ESSENCE will also be gained via playing games.
  5. [STAKING] ESSENCE Token [CONFIRMED]“The ESNC Crypto Hodlers – (Power Support Players & Cities)”
    ESSENCE is POWER as EARTH2 stated could refer to many things. However, staking ESSENCE to gain various rewards and potential influential power may be what the statement truly refers to. Holders will be able to Stake ESSENCE to “Power Support” other players and even Cities!
  6. [TRADING] Rawmaterial [CONFIRMED] – “The Miners”
    Resources are yielded by properties but generated by using ESSENCE. Resources can then be used in various Industry Buildings to create all kinds of buildings blocks for further construction. Resources can later be traded in the Bazaar as Raw Materials for profits.
  7. [TRADING] Building Blocks [CONFIRMED] – “The Producers”
    Once creating buildings blocks in the Industry Buildings from Resources they can be traded in the Bazaar “Building block” section for profits. It is also assumed that they will be used for various building construction
  8. [TRADING] EPLs (Earth property Location) [CONFIRMED]
    EPLs work as domain names for properties that makes it easier to pinpoint and navigate to specific properties within the Earth2 platform. EPLs are required to be renewed and currently they can be pruchased for both E$ and ESSENCE. Desirable EPL names can potentially be traded for large sums.


  1. [PASSIVE INCOME] Advertising Income [CONFIRMED] – “Advertising Managers”
    Property owners are said to be able to gain advertisement income from his/her properties. The precis mechanics for this are still unknown but is expected to be one of the larger potential income streams.
  2. [PASSIVE INCOME] Renting out land [CONFIRMED] – “The Landlords”
    When new games are being built or new megacities with various themes established, etc they all require landmass and landmass jointly connected / adjacent properties. This may be one of the larger passive income streams for property owners as game makers may rent the investors property.
  3. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Helpers Fee “Contracts of Service” (Share of collected assets or fee) [CONFIRMED]“Helpers / Servants”
    Helping Landowners to collect resources and other digital assets everyday for a Fee may be very lucrative. Property owners with large portfolios may not have the time to collect the digital assets from the properties by themselves and a win win situation appears by hiring help from other users.
  4. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Protecters Fee. Protecting Landowners properties & their control [CONFIRMED]“The Protectors / Gaurdians”
    Statements has been made that it is possible to lose control over ones properties by other users or guilds. The longer a guild is having control over a territory the more % of the production. E2 is working for this to be on a E2 global scale (Risk / Reward Gameplay). It may be possible for investors to opt-in and opt-out. Having a guild to protect ones properties from attacks may be a potential revenue stream for those wanting to work as “Protectors / Gaurdians”
  5. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Highly Researched skilltree enabling services to upgrade Functional NFTs or Buildings [POTENTIAL]“The Engineers / Professors”
    Researching/Uncovering ALL the secret Blueprints and Recipes to construct various buildings and crafting various jewels may be a required trait only a few may have fully mastered. It is expected that there will be a high level of difficulty to uncover all the recipes and blueprints. Perhaps the skill of having a high research level could be offered to help others for a service fee?
  6. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Architectural Design Services – Buildings: Blueprint sales (Holobuildings & Buildings) [CONFIRMED]“The Architects”
    To support with beautiful and awesome customized designs for property owners EcoSim buildings, Residential & Commercial buildings will be a very attractive skill. These own designed blueprints can also be sold at the Bazaar for profits.
  7. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Constructing Buildings [CONFIRMED]“The Builders”
    Buildings will be required to be constructed onto the properties from Holobuilding state. The procedure seem to be done via Construction Droids. These Droid may be required to be built and researched for better performing droids. Perhaps could there be users specializing in being master builders offering super efficient construction droids together with jewel boosters reducing construction time renting these out to landowners as a construction firm. Potentially another lucrative service that may reside within Earth2.
  8. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Service Droids [POTENTIAL] – “The Droid Experts”
    Unknown bots that may be of service for the investors, users and players. What secret income potentials these may hide is not yet known but could very well be expected.
  9. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Sycophant Workers [POTENTIAL] – “The SycoMasters”
    Unknown bots that may be of service for the investors, users and players. What secret income potentials these may hide is not yet known but could very well be expected.
  10. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Transportation & Logistics [CONFIRMED] – “The Logisticians”
    Rawmaterial, Building blocks, other goods and people will be needed to move from A to B smoothly and cost effciently. The optimal vehicles will be required and clever geographically placed logistic / transportation hubs established. A service many would love to have outsourced to specialists.
  11. [ACTIVE SERVICE] Ticket Sales by offering Events / Attractions [POTENTIAL]“Event Manager / Showman”
    Concerts, theatres, shows of all kinds and various events ranging from business to entertainment may be one of the most enjoyable experiences in Earth2. Selling tickets to the event the user leads may be another income stream


  1. [ACTIVE WORK] Creating games [CONFIRMED]“The Game Makers”
    Game Makers with amazing creativity can of course achieve a turnover and a potential profit! Deploy your game in Earth2 for other to play!
  2. [ACTIVE WORK] Creating Functional NFTs [CONFIRMED]“Craftsmen / Smiths / Object Makers”
    Weapons, furnitures, clothes, vehicles, or any kind of objects providing a function for the users inside the platform will always be in high demand. Learning the ways to create various functional NFTs could be a fantastics way to earn an income.
  3. [ACTIVE WORK] Creating Non-Functional NFTs [CONFIRMED]“Artists / Creators”
    Paintings, decorative objects such as carpets, curtains and all various intertior design are always appreciated objects when nesting into the Earth2 metaverse!


  1. [PASSIVE INCOME] Referral Code Income [IMPLEMENTED]
    All account holders recieve a referral code to use. This referral code can be changed if wished to something more intuitive. Holders of Tier 1 properties will gain the benefit of 7.5% referral code bonus. Others 5%. The bonus is added as E$ and the accounts white balance.
  2. [ACTIVE WORK] Easter Eggs NFT – Won by participating in the Easter Egg Hunt [IMPLEMENTED] – “The Easter Egg Hunters”
    Earth2’s easter tradition is to hide Eggs around the world. Each egg carrying a monetary prize value given as E$ to the finder by Earth2. The Egg itself will also be given as an NFT that will be available to trade on external NFT marketplaces for potential profits. It is also hinted that the Eggs may have different attributes / utility in Earth2.
  3. [ACTIVE WORK] Playing On Platform Games (P2E: Play-2-Earn) [CONFIRMED] – “The Players”
    Gaming, Gaming and Gaming! One of The primary joys inside Earth2. Play-2-Earn possibilities will be huge in Earth2. E.g. a large portion of the ESSENCE distrubtion will be earned via gameplay.

We hope this inital quick overview list may give you some ideas of what may fit you or what income streams you may want to focus on!