8. Other – NFTs (Easter Eggs)

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OTHER (NFTs, Easter Eggs, etc)

Other assets that do not seem to have an in-platform feature or function also exists.

Easter Egg Hunt 2022

To be added more info

Easter Egg Hunt 2021

During the first Easter in 2021 a video of in-game footage was released where investors could find 5 hidden Easter Eggs.

  • Obsidian Night
  • Flora Spring
  • Conceal’d
  • Ember Grim
  • Light

Large Rewards in the form of E$ Dollars were given to the investors that found each egg first. :See below Picture:


However, the following 50 Investors that found each egg were also rewarded with 100 E$. All were also rewarded by an Earth 2 Egg NFT. The NFT has not yet been distributed to the owners. Each owner has a symbol on their profile of what egg they have found.

Editors sidenote: Before the Easter Egg hunt started Earth 2 communicated a picture presenting 20 easter Eggs. :See below Picture:. 15 Eggs have yet not been released. What we know of. Potentially they will be released in future Easter Egg hunts.

Eggs Value

When owners will recieve the Eggs and they become tradeable on the open market (Potentially outside the platform) it is unknown their potential value. The E$ diplayed under each egg is merely stating the finders rewards in E$ and does not constitute of the Eggs intrinsic value.