Simulation Tools

CJVE - The Mandalorian
We understand how difficult it can be to understand the ins and outs of how the Earth2 EcoSim works. 

More importantly how difficult, if not impossible, it is to try it in Earth2 as it may require a lot of money in order to test ideas in Earth2. 

Even though we at E2Economist is shedding light by making analysis via data, math and statistics published in articles and storing the valuable info in the Investors Library it may still be difficult to understand how it works!

That is why we have developed THIS Simulation Tool section where we make the complex math and logic into a simple tool!

The purpose of these initial Simualtion tools is:


Try and experiment, gain knowledge and improve your decision making!
This feature will be growing and growing to eventually include all ASSETS performance to be simulated!

it is a “Simulation” tool not a “Calculating” tool.
Hence, we know there is volatility & probability involved but in these tools this is excluded & average values used.
E.i. Short term simulations might be less accurate as volatility impacts more though in longterm “sims” it smoothes out and the simulation is quite accurate.