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The main asset and the enabler of high yield profits. Investing in land in the Earth 2 Metaverse comes in the form of 10×10 meter squares known as a TILE. The digital copy of Earth that constitutes the Earth2 Metaverse consists of a total of 5.1 trillion tiles covering the complete globe. Only 1% (50 billion) tiles have been stated to be available as Tier 1 and 2.

Investors are limited at purchase to select a range between 1 – 750 tiles plots per property.

E2economist's Sidenote: Some investors exploited a bug enabling them to go beyond 750 tiles per property. It is not known how Earth2 will respond to this action of owning larger properties or if owning larger than 750 tile properties have any kind of functional difference.

When purchasing tiles the investor will be visualized by the tile grid system on the Earth2 map, delivered by MapBox. Buildings, infrastructure, vessels can be seen on this map though this will NOT be included within the purchase. Earth2 will start without any man made constructions, thus removed.

Countries and borders are still intact and an integral part of the pricing scheme of tiles. A total of 257 countries exists within Earth2. The Land Income Tax is confined by countries and borders :See section LIT:

E2economist's Sidenote: It is not known what in-platform features and functions that the concept "countries" and borders will play. Or how Earth2 will be altering borders to diverge from reality or continue to stay in sync with reality.
E2economist's Sidenote : Officially tiles are stated to be 10x10 meters. However, a scaling issues exist due to the fact that Earth is not flat (Sorry Flat Earthers) which distorts the sizes of a tile depending on where on the globe you buy it. :See below “Scaling / Sizing Issue”:

Earth2 has stated that it will be possible to split larger Properties down to smaller ones in the future. Joining properties in order to aggregate them to become larger have yet not been announced as a future option.


Max Supply / Volume: 50 000 MILLION (50 BILLION) of 5.1 TRILLION
Ciruclating Supply: Aproximate 100 MILLION TILES (2022-06-01)
Est. MONTHLY released Supply (T2 Tiles): 3 MILLION TILES


They say ESSENCE is the basis of EVERYTHING but we beg to differ, TILES are the basis of EVERYTHING. Maybe it will be both depending on the “entry point” for Investors and Players. Investors start their E2 Journey by buying land while Playersmay start by gaining ESSENCE via Play-2-Earn and potentially later become Landowners.

Nonetheless, it is on land we roam and (mostly) build our cities and, invest and spend our time on activities.

A property will enable various assets to be obtained. Often automatically generated by the property for the investor to collect at regular intervals. Jewels via the property directly, E$ generated via the property directly from LIT, E-ther, ESSENCE, Jewels and Resources :See each Asset page:


A very important feature implemented from start is the ability to trade properties on the market, OTC (Over the Counter). This allow investors to sell their properties at higher prices to other investors.
What dictates the price? Several factors. However, since the New Tile Price always moves upwards due to the exponential formula above it is supporting the market price to trend at the New Tile Price or higher.

Discounts on the Market

 However, large discounts versus New Tile Prices can be made on the marketplace.

 The 4 main reasons are outlined below.

  1. The speculation in Locations within a specific country but also which country versus others :See below “Popular Locations Strategies”:  
    Properties bought at locations where strong sentiment among investors believes will not be good spots for future earnings will be tough to sell at higher prices than New Tile Prices.
  2. The shape the tiles makes up the property of has been another price factor. Properties bought in nice square shapes are regarded better potential properties than properties where the tiles might even not be connected but rather scattered or forming strange shapes.
  3. Moreover, in general the New Tile Price supports an upward pressure for the property market but its exponential feature can result in an “unreasonable” high New Tile Price for a country which the market is not prepared to match yet and discounts occurs in that specific country
USA has the most amount of sold TIER 1 tiles of above 600 000 and the New Tile Price is thus above 60 USD per New Tile. An investor owning a 750 tile Property bought Early at 1 USD New Tile Price, a total spend of 750 USD, now displays a New Tile Price value of 750 * 60 USD = 45 000 USD !

A very hefty price for many, possibly for everyone, thus no buyers exists on the market to sell this property to matching the current New Tile Price. The property is thus discounted down to 50%, 22 500 USD, and still no buyers might be willing to accept and the seller might try to drop the price further down to e.g. 85%, 6750 USD and a buyer might be found!

The investor still have made a net profit of 6000 USD !

However, this is a classic example where the New Tile Price is running too high for the market.

  1. Lastly, often times when an investors wants to liquidate a property it is to raise capital quickly and in order to strike a deal with a buyer in a short notice the property is discounted.

 SCAMS: Properties listed with unreasonable low discounts might be subject to a scam. :See blow “Bids & Scams”:

Higher valued Properties on the Market

 Properties are also very often sold above the investors purchase price.

  1. TIER 1 are valued higher than TIER 2 due to the benefits shown in the table above.
  2. A better tile Class, within TIER 1, of the property being sold is generally more viewed as attractive and thus an impact factor on price. Class 1 tiles being priced higher than Class 2, 3 and 4.
    :See above Class 1-4:
  3. If a TIER 1 property is sold with ESSENCE in its “reserve” it is valued higher than “drained” properties.
    :See ESSENCE & Ether Page <- Click”
  4. Attractive locations drives the investors sentiment of potential revenue streams and high yield earnings
    :See above Revenue: Assets & Services (Game play):
  5. If the property is sold with an Attractive EPL name also improves the value of the property being sold
  6. If the property has demanded Resources by the market then the property will be valued higher
  7. If the property has deployed holobuildings or constructed EcoSim Buidlings etc follow with the transfer/purchase and will increase the property value
E2economist's Sidenote: Speculation in property prices is currently mainly driven by fundamentals that future revenue streams and future operational game play will be available and require certain land and locations. And the speculation of ESSENCE value as crypto. All still uncertain.

Net Worth

On an investors account, top menu bar, a white number is displayed next to the yellow number E$ value. This white value is the accounts current Net Worth. Net Worth is aggregating upp all the accounts properties values. A property’s value is decided by both the New Tile Price and The Market Price. Whichever is the highest traded value will be chosen as the property’s tile value.  The New Tile Price is always steadily increasing in a country, exponentially :See above “New Tile Price”: but the Market Price can be highly volatile :See above “The Marketplace…”:. Hence, an accounts total Net Worth might jump up and down.

An account owns one 750 property in Italy and one 750 property in France. New tile Price in both countries are 10 USD. Both properties are then valued 750 * 10 E$  and 750 * 10 E$ making it a total value of 15 000 E$.

However, a trade on the marketplace suddenly occur where another investor bought a property of any amount of tiles in France for 20 E$ per tile. Any investors now owning France tiles will have a new tile value of 20 E$ and the total Net Worth in our example will now be: Italy 750 * 10 and France 750 * 20 = 22 500 E$.

This will last until either the New Tile Price goes higher than 20 and replaces the latest Marketplace price OR if the MarketPlace price in the next / coming trades for France hits below the New Tile Price.

Thus the latest highest transactional price of either the New Tile Price or the MarketPrice is always chosen to determine an accounts aggregated property value called Net Worth.


When properties are sold on the Marketplace between Seller and a Buyer there are several Assets that will be included in the purchase. This is an important factor impacting the property price.


  • EDC Transformation Boost (Awaiting to be claimed) Value. Note: read about EDC below!
  • The Mentar is included if constructed
  • Holobuildings that is constructed
  • Other buldings that is constructed (Not yet confirmed)
  • The EPL named on the property


  • Slotted Jewels (These are returned to Sellers inventory)

TIER 1 Tiles SALES round closed!

 As of December 3 Earth2 stopped selling New tiles as Tier 1 tiles. Thus the open period to buy Tier 1 tiles lasted aproximately 1 year. 59 million tiles have been sold. See our article for details here: :Tier 1 RESULTS! +100 Million in REVENUE!: and :See section E2 Business Model:

 There are in total: 257 Countries – Every country has:
100 000 Class 1 Tiles | 200 000 Class 2 Tiles | 300 000 Class 3 Tiles | 400 000 Class 4 Tiles |

Class 1 – 4

Only TIER 1 tiles will have the category of CLASSES. TIER 2 tiles will merely be called TIER 2 without the destinction of CLASS.
Every country has the same amount of limited Class 1 – 4 tiles.
CLASS 1: 0 – 100 000 Tiles sold.                                 Price Range: 0.1 – 0.3 USD TilePrice
CLASS 2: 100 000 – 300 000 Tiles sold.                     Price Range: 0.3 – 2.0 USD TilePrice
CLASS 3: 300 000 – 600 000 Tiles sold.                     Price Range: 2.0 – 35 USD TilePrice
CLASS 4: 600 000 – 1 000 000 Tiles sold.                 Price Range: 35 – 95 USD TilePrice

The Class Benefits

The benefit of owning a better class is currently:
Specific perks:

  • LIT Benefit: A higher % of LIT (Land Income Tax – “Type of dividend”) E-dollars is yielded daily to the account
  • EPL Benefit: Very large class 1 properties are the only ones that can have 4 (+701 tiles) or 5 (+601 tiles) or 6 (+450 tiles) character EPL name


All Tier1 landowners recieve LIT in the form of E$ to their account balance. This occurs as a kickback when other investors purchase (and potentially upgrade) new land in a country where the investors owns tiles.

The correct LIT distribution is not fully confirmed or cracked. Our data and analysis suggest that out of the total sold tiles:
CLASS 1 = 6-7% kickback of sold tile value
CLASS 2 = 1.5% kickback of sold tile value
CLASS 3 = 0.5% kickback of sold tile value

If an investor owns 1 000 Tier 1 Class 1 Tiles in a country and 1000 USD of tiles where sold in that country during the last 24 h the user would then recieve: 1000 * 6% =  60 USD to CLASS 1 owners * YOUR TILE SHARE OF CLASS 1 (1000 owned tiles / 100 000 class 1 tiles = 1% of the total countries class 1 tiles). 

6000 USD * 1% = 0,6 USD Recieved the next day in E$!


From December 3, 2021, Earth2 opened the sale of TIER 2 tiles and closed the sales of TIER 1 tiles. The difference in TIER 1 versus Tier 2 tiles is show in the table below.

New Tile Price (TIER 1 & TIER 2)

The New Tile Price is always the same within a specific country but is independent between countries. Each country has its own New Tile Price. The New Tile price is calculated by the same exponential formula for all countries except “International Territory” and is a function of how many sold tiles the specific country has sold. Therefore, it is possible to calculate future New Tile Prices for any given country.

The introduction of TIER 2 tiles reset the prices in all countries back down to 0.1 USD and the price elevation between TIER 1 and TIER 2 had a slightly different pricing formula that made the exponential price to rise slower than what TIER 1 tiles did. :See graph below:


International Territory also have an exponential curve but is flatter, cheaper, much longer before rising.


This feature is not yet released. However, it is confirmed that TIER2 Tiles will be possible to upgrade to TIER1 tiles. The cost of doing this has been somewhat expressed by EARTH2 and could be as follows:

Purchase TIER 2 Tiles (Will increase the country’s TIER 2 New tile price) for X USD. That same country has a TIER1 tile price at Y USD. Upgrading will cost this extra Y USD. When doing this the country’s TIER1 Price will go up and the next upgrade will be more expensive and TIER1 owners will gain LIT and higher NET WORTH.

EPL (Earth Property Locator)

Every property can be upgraded with an EPL. In short an EPL acts as a shortened ID adress for your property and will function much like a domain adress websites have. E.g. the investor can name a propery “E2Economist” and if anyone type www.e2.me/”Insert EPL name” = www.e2.me/E2Economist others will directly find your property and be transported to it. This is a key feature in order to drive good traffic (visitors) to the property.

The cost for  EPLs are 9.95 USD or equivalent in Essence. The Essence price will be determined by the market where the USD / Essence currency rate are set in real time.

EPL Naming Length

 Allowed EPL length depend on Tile class and size of property

  • 4 characters – TIER1 & Class 1, 701+ Tiles
  • 5 characters – TIER1 & Class 1, 601 – 700 Tiles
  • 6 characters – TIER1 & Class 1, 451 – 600 Tiles
  • 7 characters – All other classes and Tile-plot sizes

 Maximum of 36 characters. Only alpha-numeric characters and dashes are allowed, no spaces or other special characters are allowed (standard URL naming convention)

An EPL is required to be renewed every 2 years in order to keep ownership.
Renaming an EPL comes with a price of 1 USD.

When selling a property the EPL will be included in the sale.

NOTE: There seems to be copyright rules surrounding the EPL names. Investors have encountered demands to change purchase EPL names or not able to go through with the purchase when choosing a brand name.
E2Economist's Sidenote: During the release of EPLs investor had a discounted period where they could buy EPLs for 4,95 USD or the first 2 names for 100 Essence each then 400 essence / EPL.

Bids & Scams

The Marketplace is not the only way of trading Properties and striking a deal. By viewing any property on the map there is the option to place a Bid on it. If a bid is placed the investor will notice that the accounts E$ is lowered according to the bid amount as they now are locked into the bid. An investor can always cancel the bid as long as it has not been accepted. When cancelling the bid the E$ is returned to the accounts balance. When a bid has been placed, the owner of the property will receive a notification that someone has placed a bid on the specific property and can decide to “Accept”, “Counter offer” or “Decline”.

This function can be an excellent way to find properties that are not yet listed on the market but might be possible to purchase if a bid is accepted.

This feature has been taken advantage of by frauds placing 0.01 E$ bids on properties whereas the owner is tricked or accidently presses the accept button thus selling the whole property for 0.01 E$. Earth2 Support can nullify the transaction and return the property where frauds are apparent.

NOTE, the fraudster will try and sell the property quickly for a very cheap price. If you see a listed property with an unreasonable low price please ALWAYS check that property’s transaction history by clicking on it to ensure the property have been traded at expected prices. If an investor would buy a “stolen” property then there is a high chance that the real owner is in the progress of rolling back the transaction with the help of the support team and the new investor will notice that the property is missing but the E$ returned.

In order to avoid the so called “Penny bid scams” Earth2 have offered a function on the settings page where an investor can opt in that bids on all the investors properties must be higher than 30% of the New Tile Value.

NOTE: Penny bids per see is not a scam and is often used to give away or move a property to another account / between accounts.

Trading Fee 5%

For every trade accepted on the Marketplace or as a Bid the seller will have to pay a 5% Administrative Fee to Earth2. This fee is calculated as 5% of the investors profit. Not the total price.

An investor purchase a property for 100 USD. Later the investor sell the property on the marketplace or via a bid for an amount of 200 USD. The profit is then 100 USD, 200 Selling price – 100 Purchase price = 100 Profit. Fee is then 100 Profit * 0.05 = 5 USD in Fee paid by the Seller automatically to Earth2. :See Section “E2 Business Model Fees”

Popular Location Strategies

It has and will continue to be a long debate on what land would be the best to invest in. There is no clear communication from Earth2 that supports any thinking or reasoning behind this dilemma. However, many clues and hints have been communicated from Earth2.

Words like resources and Earth2 being linked with reality have led many to invest in land dense on large mines of various kinds and alike. Hints about Advertising and EPL (Earth Property Location) have led many to believe that having high traffic (Visiting Users) would be a lucrative investment strategy thus buying famous or high traffic places land as it is in reality. E.g. The Eiffel Tower. Though, traffic can occur anywhere in Earth2 thus the rise of the so called “Mega Cities”. These are locations where Earth 2 Investors cooperate and invest in a brand new location, creating visions about the city driving more investors and thus preparing new hubs inside the Metaverse. Investing in rich and/or countries with already developed high technology is also a strategy since the user base of Earth2 with buying power might be from these countries. E.g. The Nordics, Europe larger countries, USA, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea etc. Countries that are small in size have also been of interest. In fact, several small countries never reach class 3 or possibly even 2 as the area is not larger than 100 000 tiles. These countries can therefore be fully sold out and unavailable for future investors (Except on the Marketplace) before reaching a very expensive tile price.


  • SMALL COUNTRIES (Vatican City, Monaco, Gibraltar, Bermuda, San Marino, Andorra, etc)
  • RICH COUNTRIES (Monaco, United Arab Emirates, etc)
  • CAPITALS & LARGE CITIES (London, New York, Stockholm, Barlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc)
  • MINE LOCATIONS (Gold, Oil, Coal, Uranium, Iron, Stone, Copper, Zink, Forrest, etc)
  • BIOME LOCATIONS (Tundra, Taiga, Dry Steppe, Arid Desert, Subtropical rainforest, Mediterranean vegetation, etc)
  • TURIST “SIGHTSEEING” AREAS (Disney land, Universal studios, Landmarks, Statues, famous people houses, etc)
  • BEAUTIFUL RETREAT LOCATIONS (Aruba, Thailand, Anguilla, various Beaches and Islands, etc)
  • EASTER EGG / FUN LOCATIONS (Easter Island, Christmas Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, etc)
  • NEW “MEGACITIES” (X-topia, AlphaKingdom Central, ExpoCity, SynthCity, Heart City, Zigurat, Pirate Island, PokeTown, Illuminati City and many MANY others)

Scaling / Sizing Issue

 A known scaling distortion exist within earth 2 metaverse Tile system. At the equator of the globe tiles are holding up their size as close as possible to 10×10 meters. However, the closer the north and south poles investor buy tiles the more distorted, smaller, the tile size actually is. This issue is most noticeable when building Holobuildings on properties.

Building a 5x5x5 (Width, Depth and Height) box Holobuilding structure should bring a volume m3 of: 125 m3. Tiles at Latitude 40 degrees south or north will be the most accurate sized tiles and hit 125 m3. Correct size. However, building the same cube at the equator, Latitude 0 degrees, will bring the m3 of a 5x5x5 cube up to 200 m3. An increase of 60% in size! Building the same cube at 90 degrees (North and South pole) the m3 drops down to 1.5 m3 (possibly even 0). A decrease of 99%!
E2economist's Sidenote: This tile size issue might not be addressed by Earth 2 but is rather a fact investors will have to live with.